Switchback Cyclery

South Riverdale

"Switchback Cyclery, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. If you're a cyclist, these people are your Tribe. The folks at Switchback are a gaggle of adorable bike nerds who want to share their knowledge, hear all about your ride, and support your accessory habit. They do a lot of bike repairs, and are in the midst of renovating their already-beautiful shop. They'll also do a 'collaborative build,' which is essentially an educational session where they impart their wisdom and help you help yourself build the custom bike you've always dreamed of. They are super spirited, serious aficionados, and super sincere. They are stocked with parts, accessories, fancy jerseys and apparel, and everything else you could possible need. Bring your bike in for a tune-up or take this season's Raleigh out for a joy ride."