Cocktail bar ยท San Diego

"Kindred, South Park. Kindred is an amazing new bar and restaurant serving up mystical cocktails and delectable dishes. Their style is a unique juxtaposition of feminine trappings with a hardcore metal aesthetic that you just have to see in person. The walls are covered with ornate pink wall paper that, upon closer inspection, depict eyeballs dueling it out with broadswords. The trim of the whole place is clean and dainty white and gold, with an inscription over the door that reads, "Hardcore will never die, but you will." When you visit, make sure to pay tribute to the glossy black four-eyed wolf-snake-skull totem mounted on the wall. Don't be intimidated though -- the staff are super friendly and the service is spot on. All of the plates and drinks are unique and tasty beyond expectations, so go forth and start your quest to try everything on the menu. Also, did we mention everything is vegan?! This fact will be an afterthought for you too when you try your first sip or bite at Kindred."