Enoteca Sociale

Italian restaurant • Beaconsfield

Enoteca Sociale is a little piece of Italy nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto. A stepping stone away from the bustling city and into the warmth of the countryside. As soon as you enter you can feel the inviting atmosphere and traditional European vibes that bring you right into the experience. The food quality and selection offered here at Enoteca Sociale is amongst the best Italian cuisine in the city. The pasta tasting menu with its wine pairing creates an unforgettable experience. The portions offered are generous and the flavours explode in each of the five courses. The menu is also reasonably priced, starting at 75 dollars. Additionally, the focaccia and sourdough bread that is served is unmatched and declared the best in the city. Between the rich aroma that fills the air and the attentive and friendly staff, you definitely can't go wrong. To top it off, the decor and atmosphere of this restaurant is cozy and inviting, making it the perfect place to settle in for the evening. If you're looking for an amazing Italian cuisine experience, Enoteca Sociale is definitely worth a visit. It is a wonderful place to visit for a taste of Italy here in the city.