The top 7 best Pizza places in Toronto (from R/AskTO)

 on 2023.02.23
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Curated this list based on a thread last year about the top places to get pizza in Toronto. Hoping to get more reco's so I can know where to try lol

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

Pizza restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"North of Brooklyn. 🍕" Credits to: U/Nexus_Jay]

Blondies Pizza

Pizza restaurant • Cabbagetown-South St.James Town

I'm a big fan of blondies! Their dips are top class" Credits to: U/BigRose27

Pizzeria Badiali

Pizza restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Pizzeria badiali 🍕 hands down! 🙌🏼" Credits to: U/notabollywoodfan

Maker Pizza Cameron

Pizza restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Maker Pizza. No competition. Hands down the best in Toronto." Credits to: U/ehehhey

Pizzeria Libretto

Pizza restaurant • Playter Estates-Danforth

Recommended by: U/MichaelSchirtzer