Monarch Tavern

Restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Monarch Tavern, Little Italy by Sid Lee. A few steps down from College St. and Clinton, the Monarch Tavern has been a part of the community since 1927, and is one of the oldest bars in the city. A living monument to the Little Italy of old. You’d never think it, but it’s got one of the biggest, most robust bourbon collections in the city and has 15 Ontario craft beers on tap (giving those hipsters further west a run for their money). The upstairs is super chill with lots of places to sit, pool tables and pinball machines; where you want to be when all you want to do is have a few drinks with friends or make some new ones. Downstairs is a more energetic cocktail bar/lounge that opens up at night; where you’ll want to dance after you’ve had a few upstairs."