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This guide recommends visiting 23 neighbourhood(s) in Toronto: Annex Koreatown, Beaches, Bloordale, Brockton Village, Chinatown, Danforth, Davenport Village, Downtown, Dundas West, Entertainment District, Junction Junction Triangle, Kensington Market, King West, Leslieville, Liberty Village, Little Italy, Parkdale, Queen West, Riverside, Roncesvalles, Saint Clair West, Trinity Bellwoods and Wallace Emerson Credit: NORMAN, Mimi Vuong, Zachary Radford, Concrete, Tennis, Kev Seto, Michael Madjus & Aisle 4, Jacknife, Sovereign State, Jam3, Simone Ferkul, Charles Lim aka Ched, Rob Fujimoto, NUFF, Sid Lee, Format, Kindred Studio, Medina Abdelkader, Sarah Di Domenico, Equal Parts Studio, Anthony Menecola and Underline Studio


Authentic Japanese restaurant • Annex

"Kinka Izakaya, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. You walk into the restaurant and the servers and kitchen staff all shout a greeting to you in Japanese. The decor and lighting is warm. The atmosphere is loud and energetic. The Japanese tapas are delicious. You can dine in the shoes off dining room (on the floor) or at a long communal table."

Tacos El Asador

Salvadoran restaurant • Palmerston–Little Italy

"Tacos El Asador, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. This tiny, delicious taco joint is a neighbourhood gem. The space is small. The food is authentic. The vibes are good. Go early if you want to dine in at one of their picnic-table-style seating."

Barrio Coreano

Mexican restaurant • Old Toronto

"Barrio Coreano, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. A Mexican restaurant in the heart of Koreatown that serves up tacos with a Korean twist. Neon lights and vintage signage adorn the interior walls, making it hard to miss at night."

The Beguiling

Comic book store • Kensington-Chinatown

"The Beguiling, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. Print isn’t dead until The Beguiling says so. This internationally recognized comic book store carved a niche in the world of publishing that has stood the test of time. They carry a wide selection of new and vintage comic books, graphic novels, magazine, zines and original comic artwork."

The White Brick Kitchen

Diner • Palmerston–Little Italy

"The White Brick Kitchen, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. A diner meets homestyle kitchen that serves up delicious comfort food. The neon sign outside claims “The Best Fried Chicken in Town” and we agree."

Tosho Knife Arts

Knife store • Annex

"Tosho Knife Arts, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. A small shop in Mirvish Village that carries hand-forged Japanese knives. The craftsmanship of their products blur the line between tool and art. They also offer knife skills and sharpening classes."

The Common

Cafe • Annex

"The Common, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. A bright, spacious and menu-less coffee shop. You have your choice of either dark or medium roast. A nice place to sit and work/read if you can score a seat. Or you can people watch from the chairs in front of the cafe."

Coffee Pocket

Coffee shop • Annex

"Sam James Coffee Pocket, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. So small, it’s called a “Pocket”. This tiny local coffee shop serves up some of the best espresso in the city. Take out and cash only."

The Owl on Bloor

Korean restaurant • Annex

"Owl of Minerva, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. The Korean restaurant that’s open 24h a day. Perfect for getting some late night eats while watching some K-Pop. We highly recommend the pork bone soup."

Kevin's Taiyaki

Takeout restaurant • Palmerston–Little Italy

"Kevin's Taiyaki, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped waffle that’s filled with custard or sweet bean paste. Kevin’s booth is located inside the P.A.T Central Grocery Store where they serve them up fresh and crisp. Just to be clear, there’s no fish in a fish waffle."

Just You - Sarah & Tom

Novelty store • Annex

"Just You Sarah & Tom, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. This shop carries more Hello Kitty, K-Pop and cuteness than you can handle. You’re guaranteed to leave this store feeling 110% more cheerful."

Hanji Gifts

Gift shop • Annex

"Hanji, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. A beautiful little shop that carries handmade Korean paper, stationery, houseware and all sorts of wonderful little gifts."

The Grapefruit Moon

Diner • Annex

"The Grapefruit Moon, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. A local favourite brunch diner with kitschy knick-knacks. Put the homemade apricot-pumpkin hot sauce on everything. Or use a moderate amount and purchase a jar to go."

George's Deli & B B Q

Deli • University

"George's Deli & BBQ, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. A permanent fixture in the neighbourhood. They have chickens roasting on a spit in the front window (just in case you’re wondering if the chicken is fresh). The charbroiled burgers are also great."

El Furniture Warehouse

Bar & grill • Annex

"El Furniture Warehouse, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. ALL FOOD $4.95. Serious. And it’s actually really good. Stay awhile and watch a skate vid while you eat. Go early or go for lunch if you want to avoid the line-ups."

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

Korean restaurant • Old Toronto

"Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. The menu only has 9 items and you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you’re not sure what to order, get a number 3 (Kimchi Soon Tofu + Dolsotbab). It’ll warm you and your soul."

Apiecalypse Now!

Vegan restaurant • Palmerston–Little Italy

"Apiecalypse Now!, Annex Koreatown by NORMAN. You love pizza? You love donuts? You vegan? You’ll love Apiecalypse. P.S. You don’t have to be vegan to love these eats."

The Burger's Priest

Restaurant • Woodbine Corridor

"The Burger's Priest, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. This is the original location since its inception in 2010. Burger's Priest has been constantly slaying the burger game across Toronto with their fresh ground beef and soft buns. It's no surprise that you’d always find a line-up gushing out the door, because people love the well-prepared burgers that these cooks are hustling hard to make. Rejoice–this location is finally open on Sundays! If it's your first time here, I highly recommend the Priest burger, which consists of two deep-fried portabello mushrooms with cheese inside and a beef patty. Alternatively, if you’re vegetarian, that’s not a problem because the Option burger consists of everything previously mentioned minus the beef patty, But beware... they also have a secret menu. This location only accepts cash but they've got your back with an ATM Machine inside. Canadians–it's time for redemption, one burger at a time. 🙏"

Beach Fish House

Seafood market • The Beach

"Beach Fish House, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. The seafood options are endless. Beach Fish House is owned by two hard-working individuals who also import their own goods. You can purchase fresh or frozen fish, lobsters, oysters, and crabs. However, if you're constantly on-the-go, they also serve food that you can takeout such as sushi and chowder made with their own products. They know what's good because they also sell sauces that are a little more difficult to find in stores such as aioli sauce."

Bud's Coffee

Cafe • The Beach

"Bud's Coffee Bar, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. You can definitely trust Bud's Coffee Bar because the co-owner has an incredible track record working at other reputable coffeeshops prior to opening his own. Delicious treats are sold here as well. Additionally, if you're aware of Sam James Coffee Bar, you can purchase bags of his custom roast, Cut Coffee at this location."


Store • The Beach

"Rowan Homespun Market, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. This lovely market supports local artists of all mediums. Rowan houses its own personal handcrafted products under the Wildwood brand—which consists of facial serums, exfoliants, beard oils, body oils and butters, natural deodorants, dry shampoo, and the list goes on! Each item has its own unique quality, with everything in there being handcrafted to perfection. Sign up for a few workshops on how to make your own soap, or make a suggestion on what the next workshop should be!"

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment plant • Birchcliffe-Cliffside

"RC Harris Water Treatment Plant, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. If you ever drive or bike by this hidden gem, you could almost mistaken it for a castle. The majority of the plant is currently under construction until 2018, but you can still roam around, check out the view of Lake Ontario, or just relish in some peace and quiet in this practically-abandoned space. It's a little bit mysterious and eerie, but it's definitely worth checking out."

Woodbine Park

Park • The Beach

"Woodbine Park, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. Larger than your average park–with a beautiful pond right in the middle, and a stage too! This park is known for hosting the Beaches International Jazz Festival. With the rise of big-named events coming to our city, you'll very likely find yourself at this park this summer for events such as Bestival or the Food Truck Festival. Take advantage of this park on a nice sunny day by having a picnic because the view is b-e-a-utiful."

Tori's Bakeshop

Bakery • The Beach

"Tori's Bakeshop, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. An adorable, all-natural, and organic bakery with most kind-hearted people to cater to your health-conscious needs. You will be provided with a wide variety of different treats that are either free of gluten, dairy, eggs, or refined sugars. With everything made fresh every day, you're guaranteed to feel guilt-free after your purchase. If you want to make your stay worthwhile, Tori's Bakeshop also offers coffee and tea, and places for you to sit with your loved ones or get some work done."


Health food store • The Beach

"Farmacia, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. Who doesn't love a good detox? Farmacia is vegetarian and vegan friendly. This juice bar only sells products that are freshly made. They also have jun in stock–a kombucha with fermented green tea and honey. Their creative blends bring excitement to the detoxing process. Make sure you swing by for a smoothie or juice, and stick around for some foosball matches."

Nutty Chocolatier

Chocolate shop • The Beach

"The Nutty Chocolatier, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. Got a sweet tooth? Satisfy your cravings at The Nutty Chocolatier, as they have an abundance of chocolates, candies, and other delightful treats. With so many options, you'll feel like you've stepped into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. There is something here for everyone."

Ed's Real Scoop - Beaches

Ice cream shop • The Beach

"Ed's Real Scoop, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. This ice-cream shop is open all year round. The quirky part about this place is that they house their special flavours based on the current season. For instance, in the summertime, you can expect to taste their sangria sorbet. In addition to their infamous ice-cream, they also serve gelato, sorbet, and yoghurt. You'll find that the texture is more dense and smooth than your average ice-cream. Fun fact: this is their very first location and the employees here are consistently jolly."

Cineplex Cinemas Beaches

Movie theater • The Beach

"Alliance Cinemas, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. Have you ever felt left out because your friends were talking about a movie that you weren’t able to score tickets to? Well, it may never happen to you again! Make sure you catch hot new-releases during the film’s opening week by watching them at this incredibly underrated theater. The best part about this theater is that you will barely find a line-up, and tickets should also be available even half-an-hour before show time! They offer big screens, great seats, a concession booth, and an arcade for you to kill time or enjoy after your movie. Worried about parking? No problems here!"

Woodbine Beach

Beach • South Riverdale

"Woodbine Beach, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. Canadian beaches are just as beautiful during the winter as they are in the summertime. What's special about Woodbine Beach is that you will always see people enjoying themselves through all four seasons. Don't miss the annual winter stations where designers and artists set up installations around the lifeguard stands. You will find this beach to be packed with people on Canada Day because they take it very seriously with an annual fireworks show."

Green Eggplant

Family restaurant • The Beach

"Green Eggplant, Beaches by Mimi Vuong. Do not be fooled by its name because the Green Eggplant serves a wide range of delicious options–not just eggplants. Their broad menu makes this place a hot spot in the beaches area. There is no other place that makes a better chicken avocado club sandwich than the Green Eggplant's. The portions are large so it's often ideal to share the appetizers. The exposed brick wall adds a lot of character to this restaurant and sets a casual atmosphere."

South Indian Dosa Mahal (Bloor/Lansdowne)

Indian restaurant • Old Toronto

"South Indian Dosa Mahal Restaurant, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. South Indian Dosa Mahal’s muted pastels give it a charming, calming appeal. If you choose to dine in, you get that familiar feeling of someone cooking for you in their home. Their dosas are perfectly crispy and come in several varieties—including a pizza dosa.They also have a well-stocked, ready-to-go take out section where you can get your deep-fried fill for under $5. The pakora with coconut chutney is particularly tasty."

Home Baking Co.

Bakery • Old Toronto

"Home Baking Co., Bloordale by Zachary Radford. From one of the people who brought you Bakerbots, Home is a charming little spot with a selection of baked goods and hot beverages. The decor is simple and home-y; the treats are delicious and home-y. Try the ice cream sandwich—made in front of you with a freshly baked cookie and your favourite ice cream—or the sea salt brownie."

Home Baking Co.

Bakery • Old Toronto

"Home Baking Co., Bloordale by Zachary Radford. From one of the people who brought you Bakerbots, Home is a charming little spot with a selection of baked goods and hot beverages. The decor is simple and home-y; the treats are delicious and home-y. Try the ice cream sandwich—made in front of you with a freshly baked cookie and your favourite ice cream—or the sea salt brownie."


Home goods store • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Zebuu, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. Zebuu is a decor shop that carries a selection of art, crafts, and textiles source from around the world. Sparsely stocked and meticulously curated, every piece has a fascinating story behind it. There isn’t a better place in town to find a housewarming gift."

Bar Neon

Greek restaurant • Old Toronto

"Bar Neon, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. This dimly lit Bar Neon doesn’t look like much from the street. But, once inside, you’re treated with a meticulously decorated space with plenty to look at: the ‘last call’ neon sign, the water fountain, the exposed brick and original ceilings that have been beautifully restored. They offer a small menu of Greek tapas plates to compliment a large offering of cocktails and beers. Try their signature drink: a bourbon negroni with Four Roses bourbon."

Caribbean Queen of Patties

Caribbean restaurant • Old Toronto

"Caribbean Queen of Patties, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. This one-woman operation serves up the best Jamaican patties downtown. They are the perfect quick bite—with flakey pastry and perfectly seasoned meat or vegetables. It’s a little more expensive than your average heat lamp patties, but it’s well worth it. And don’t forget to try a curry, jerk, or roti."

Caribbean Queen of Patties

Caribbean restaurant • Old Toronto

"Caribbean Queen of Patties, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. This one-woman operation serves up the best Jamaican patties downtown. They are the perfect quick bite—with flakey pastry and perfectly seasoned meat or vegetables. It’s a little more expensive than your average heat lamp patties, but it’s well worth it. And don’t forget to try a curry, jerk, or roti."

Caribbean Queen of Patties

Caribbean restaurant • Old Toronto

"Caribbean Queen of Patties, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. This one-woman operation serves up the best Jamaican patties downtown. They are the perfect quick bite—with flakey pastry and perfectly seasoned meat or vegetables. It’s a little more expensive than your average heat lamp patties, but it’s well worth it. And don’t forget to try a curry, jerk, or roti."

Mercer Union, a centre for contemporary art

Art gallery • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Mercer Union, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. Founded in the late 70s, the Mercer Union gallery moved to Bloordale in 2008. The gallery space is fairly small, but feels roomy with high plaster ceilings painted white to match the walls. This artist-run, non-profit gallery features contemporary artists from local to international."

Ransack The Universe

Warehouse • Old Toronto

"Ransack The Universe, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. Ransack The Universe has so much stuff it spills out onto the street. Outside, you’ll find furniture and large pieces of art; inside, an organized chaos of vintage joy. Every shelf and every wall is covered with collectables of every kind. Dresser drawers are filled with photographs, tools, and varsity patches. And they’re not even content being just a vintage store. Ransack also offers art, crafts, and even soaps from local makers."

Latin World

Mexican restaurant • Old Toronto

"Latin World, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. There’s a lot packed into this small space. A Latin grocery store with a kitchen in the back. They’ve packed as many tables in as they could and—though it’s a bit cramped—has a great vibe around dinner time. You’ll find yourself looking over other patrons’ shoulders to decide what to order next. But ultimately you should order the nachos and lots of fish tacos."

1294 Bloor St W

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Coffee Guitar, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. This is probably the only place in town where you can get your guitar set up and a great coffee under the same roof. Bringing these two businesses together allow guitarists to hang around and have a discussion to get their instrument set up, repaired, or restored just right. But even if you're not a guitarist, it's well worth stopping in for a hot drink."

The Three Speed

Restaurant • Old Toronto

"Three Speed, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. Three Speed is the last stop on the East side of Bloordale. The space is beautifully designed and decorated with exposed brick and an acoustical ceiling, meaning that you can carry on a conversation even when the place is packed to capacity. Try the chicken with mac & cheese with or one of the ever-changing weekend brunch specials."


Health food store • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Nuthouse, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. Despite the name and the giant walnut on the sign, it’s more than just nuts at the Nuthouse. Inside you’ll find a huge selection of health foods packed into a small space. Almost everything they sell is available in bulk. So you can try a little bit of something new and good for you—and you can get just as much as you need at a great price."


Greeting card shop • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Town, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. Town is a stationery store packed with a wide selection of cards, postcards, paper products, and other gifts. It’s a great alternative to—and often cheaper than—chain stores. The carefully selected stock offers many more options that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to give your friends and family. And the complimentary apple cider on cold days doesn’t hurt either."

Odd Finds General Store

Vintage clothing store • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Odd Finds General Store, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. Vintage clothes and accessories are the main draw at Odd Finds, but there are many other curiosities that make this store special. Peppered in between the apparel, you’ll find shells, tools, furniture, even antlers. There’s something interesting everywhere you look."

Odd Finds General Store

Vintage clothing store • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Odd Finds General Store, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. Vintage clothes and accessories are the main draw at Odd Finds, but there are many other curiosities that make this store special. Peppered in between the apparel, you’ll find shells, tools, furniture, even antlers. There’s something interesting everywhere you look."

Vito Barber Shop

Barber shop • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Vito's Barbershop, Bloordale by Zachary Radford. Vito’s Barbershop has been a Bloordale fixture through decades of transition. The walls are covered with clippings from the sports page; his lazy cat spends the day basking in the sun coming through the window. Vito is kind and friendly—but not overly chatty—and over the years he’s become a master of his craft. On Saturday, a haircut is only $16 with tax. Feels like old times."

Clint Roenisch Gallery

Art gallery • Old Toronto

"Clint Roenisch Gallery, Brockton Village by Concrete. Undoubtedly one of the best places to view contemporary art in Toronto, the Clint Roenisch gallery is definitely a hot spot. The stark white, warehouse sized space exhibits a well-rounded roster of artists working in multiple disciplines. Tucked away on a side street, this destination is well worth the detour.*photos provided by Clint Roenisch Gallery"

Clint Roenisch Gallery

Art gallery • Old Toronto

"Clint Roenisch Gallery, Brockton Village by Concrete. Undoubtedly one of the best places to view contemporary art in Toronto, the Clint Roenisch gallery is definitely a hot spot. The stark white, warehouse sized space exhibits a well-rounded roster of artists working in multiple disciplines. Tucked away on a side street, this destination is well worth the detour.*photos provided by Clint Roenisch Gallery"

The Emerson Restaurant

Bar & grill • Old Toronto

"The Emerson Restaurant, Brockton Village by Concrete. This is a great spot to gather around the table with your kids, or if you're solo there's a welcoming bar with lots of seats. Don't mistake the chill, family friendly vibe for subpar food - in fact it's quite the opposite. We highly recommend trying out 'The Grand Royal' double cheese burger, Jerk Branzino and one of the many delicious sides."

Burdock Brewery

Brewpub • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Burdock, Brockton Village by Concrete. A one-stop-shop for delicious food, brewed on-stie beer and live music all in one beautifully designed space. Best of all, the food served is not your local pub fare - think more pork belly, tagliatelle and hush puppies. If that's not enough there's also a music hall that was specially built to maximize acoustics."

Burdock Brewery

Brewpub • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Burdock, Brockton Village by Concrete. A one-stop-shop for delicious food, brewed on-stie beer and live music all in one beautifully designed space. Best of all, the food served is not your local pub fare - think more pork belly, tagliatelle and hush puppies. If that's not enough there's also a music hall that was specially built to maximize acoustics."

The 47

Bar • Old Toronto

"The 47, Brockton Village by Concrete. A more recent addition to the neighbourhood, The 47 is another great place to grab a drink and stay late. Open till 2am daily, the menu features a creative mix of high/low late night fare that can be washed down with one of their many craft beers or top-notch cocktails."


Store • Old Toronto

"Souvenir, Brockton Village by Concrete. This store feel like each item is perfectly placed and thoughtfully showcased, just for you. Stocking a clever mix of vintage and current lines, with reasonable price points, it's the perfect spot to pick up a gift - but fair warning, it will be hard to walk away without spotting something for yourself."


Bar • Beaconsfield

"Wallflower, Brockton Village by Concrete. Whether basking in the light of the impressive chandelier or the summer sun on the back deck, the scene is set to have a good time with friends. With a solid beer list and bar offerings, the menu features classics like oysters, deviled eggs, hearty meat options and a sincerely satisfying veggie burger."

Dufferin Grove Park

Park • Old Toronto

"Dufferin Grove Park, Brockton Village by Concrete. Dufferin Grove is the perfect spot to take your Caribbean Queen patty, chill under a tree and people watch. With lots of action in the summer (farmers' market, bonfire pits) and a sizeable skating rink in the winter, Duff Grove is always a go-to green space."


Coworking space • Beaconsfield

"MakeWorks, Brockton Village by Concrete. With 24/7 studio access to desk space, 3D printing, laser cutting, CMC mills, soldering irons and good old-fashioned hand tools, you will have everything you need to get started on your next big idea. As an added perk the open space concept gives you the opportunity to connect with peers and share ideas while you work."

Le's Sandwich

Vietnamese restaurant • Old Toronto

"Le's Sandwich - Banh Mi Viet Nam, Brockton Village by Concrete. A perfect pit stop for a quick and substantial lunch. The banh mi comes in at around $5, is made-to-order by the owner and does not disappoint. Competition is stiff in the world of Vietnamese subs, but Le's definitely makes the cut."

Brockton Haunt

Skateboard shop • Old Toronto

"The Brockton Haunt, Brockton Village by Concrete. Exactly what you want in a neighbourhood coffee spot: friendly service, solid shots of espresso and a selection of treats that will leave you hard pressed to pick. This is the kind of place where you want to join the regulars, settle in and spend some time."

Takht-e Tavoos Restaurant

Persian restaurant • Old Toronto

"Tavoos, Brockton Village by Concrete. For a break from the commonplace eggs benny brunch, we suggest digging into the traditional Persian plates at Tavoos. You can test the waters with faves like spiced olives, herbed potatoes, creamy feta and Persian flat bread or dive right in with the sheep's head stew."

Xpace Cultural Centre

Cultural center • Old Toronto

"Xpace Cultural Centre, Brockton Village by Concrete. For a special chance to see work from emerging artists and designers, stop in the student-run gallery at Xpace. To dive in deeper, check out the calendar and join the next karaoke night, workshop or panel discussion."

1490 Dundas St W

Building • Beaconsfield

"Art Metropole, Brockton Village by Concrete. The absolute best place to track down limited-run art books, zines, collections, essays, periodicals and small objects. If you're on the hunt for something specific the helpful staff will point you in the right direction, otherwise feel free to while away time looking through piles of new and archived gems."

Toronto Popcorn Company @ The Kensington Market

Popcorn store • Kensington-Chinatown

"Toronto Popcorn Company, Chinatown by Tennis. Founded by Joseph Villegas and his wife Caramhel TPC has become a staple neighbourhood stop over for the snacker. The standard popcorn flavours are available here but no one really comes for those with flavours choco peanut crisp, cookies and cream, cupcake, and blue raspberry. The staff are super friendly and love to chat and meet people as they come in for a sample or two of a couple different flavours."

Mother's Dumplings

Chinese restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Mother's Dumplings, Chinatown by Tennis. Chinatown is full of delicious 24 hr asian restaurants galore. Our studio has been battling a debate of the ages between which dumpling house is the best on Spadina and we’ve narrowed it down to two. Just south of College on Spadina is this gem of a restaurant called Mother’s Dumplings. Pan Fried, boiled and our favorite steamed dumplings are staples here and with well priced house craft beer options it’s the perfect group outing spot."

Play De Record

Record store • Kensington-Chinatown

"Play De Record, Chinatown by Tennis. Play De Record just moved its location from downtown central Yonge street to a new location just south of College street in Chinatown. A veteran in the industry Play De Record has been around for 25 years and has a wide selection in genres of records and DJ equipment. Famous for housing new material or one-off’s that seasoned vinyl collectors hunt for Play De record has become a staple in the music community."

AnimeXtreme Inc.

Toy store • Kensington-Chinatown

"Anime Extreme, Chinatown by Tennis. Anime Extreme is Toronto’s largest Anime store. They have literally everything from movies and books, to model kits, toys and figurines. You could get lost looking at the super realistic models or little knick knacks at checkout."

Dumpling House Restaurant

Dumpling restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Dumpling House, Chinatown by Tennis. Entry number two of our studios dumpling battle is Mother’s Dumplings.Dumpling house is a fairly small family run asian restaurant just north of Dundas on the West side of Spadina known for their pan fried and boiled dumplings. A great stop over while you’re exploring the bottom half of Chinatown."


Game store • Kensington-Chinatown

"MeepleMart, Chinatown by Tennis. Tucked away in one of the basements of the business office towers on Spadina is Meeplemart, Canada’s largest online game store focused on board games and miniatures. With weekly game nights focusing on a different board game they do a great job of creating a friendly environment and removing the intimidation factor for new players. If you’re looking for a board game for board game night you could get lost in the options here but with recommendations from friendly staff you will love exploring the aisles."


Ice cream shop • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Kekou, Chinatown by Tennis. Tasty gelato, friendly staff, and bright environment what more could you ask for? Kekou uses traditional in-house methods in creating asian gelato in a range of flavours you’ve probably never tried but will love. The staff are super friendly and will make some great recommendations. Or you can just sample a number of amazing flavours before you decide what you want."

492 Dundas St W


"Lamb Kabob, Chinatown by Tennis. Contrary to the name, Lamb Kebob is actually really well known for having the best jianbing outside of China. Located on the sidewalk north of Dundas and on the east side of Spadina this little street food vendor has made a big name for himself with this dish. Prepared by cracking eggs over the surface of a wheat and mung bean flour pancake stuffed with strips of fried wonton, cilantro, scallions and a sweet and spicy layer of hoisin and chilli sauce this street food will leave you wanting more."

Pantheon Restaurant

Greek restaurant • Riverdale

"Pantheon, Danforth by Kev Seto. The Pantheon, in ancient Greece, was built as the dwelling of mighty and powerful gods and heroes. You'll find the same iconic tributes adorning the walls and the details, elevating your dining experience to one amongst the gods. The atmosphere is loud and joyous and the families and people more so, but just as friendly and warm. Pantheon Restaurant has a staggering menu but it's real prizes are under the seafood label where the scallops and the calamari are king, just beneath the gods that roam above."

Patisserie La Cigogne

Pastry shop • Greenwood-Coxwell

"Patisserie La Cigogne, Danforth by Kev Seto. You could spend hours in here, talking, eating, having a cup of coffee, brunching or even hunching over your laptop as you work on your projects. And that's the best part. The staff would love to have you stay a while, chat and offer you a quick bite of quiche or pastry. It's not aiming to be the quintessential Parisan cafe, but it certainly has the hospitality of the French. Enjoy some of the desserts and cakes while sitting next to the windows on a fall/winter afternoon. The warm atmosphere will make you that much gladder you're out of the cold."

Marvel Coffee Co

Cafe • Playter Estates-Danforth

"Marvel Coffee Co., Danforth by Kev Seto. Marvel is a recent addition to the city with two locations within a 10 minute walk of each other. And no, they are not affiliated with Marvel Comics or Studios so don't expect Avengers or X-Men crashing through the place at any given moment. Coffee is sourced globally with beans from various regions in the world and sandwiches and sweets locally, either in house or from places like Sweet Flower and Cinq. The aesthetic of white marble, greys and a polished look work to complete the feel of an upscale cafe away from the Starbucks of the world."

602 Danforth Ave

Building • Riverdale

"All About Eve, Danforth by Kev Seto. All About Eve isn't so much about owner Eve Athans (or the classic film from 1950) as it is about her dedication to breathing new style, art and life onto the Danforth. This tiny designer clothing boutique is lined with contemporary Canadian art and a constantly rotating collection of hand picked jackets, sweaters, dresses and accessories for both men and women. You'll even find a cute little changing booth to complete the walk-in closet feel. Take some time to inquire about the pieces on the wall as well as the clothing on the racks. You'll learn about the local artists and Eve's personal aesthetic, which is really on point!"

De La Mer - Danforth

Seafood market • Playter Estates-Danforth

"De La Mer, Danforth by Kev Seto. You really can't go wrong with fish. Unless you over cook it, as the flowing calligraphic wall script reminds you as you peer into the giant windowed kitchen. That's where the helpful staff come in, dropping knowledge on how best to cook your globally sourced seafood, with what sauce, for how long and for whom. But that can wait, while you take a minute to enjoy the beautiful and detailed interior design, the wooden crate installation literally climbing up the wall and the fisher-gentle-men-esque vibe that'll make you wish you were 'of the sea.'"

Dough Bakeshop

Bakery • Playter Estates-Danforth

"Dough, Danforth by Kev Seto. Dough Bakeshop is just starting to sink its roots onto the Danforth as the bakery that does it all. You'll find excellent pastries, sweets, loaves and even meals, all baked right in front of your eyes. And your nose, because once you walk in you'll want to figure out what is making that delicious smell!"

Cool East Market

Shoe store • Danforth

"Cool East Market, Danforth by Kev Seto. Martial arts footwear never looked so fashionable and functional as it does here! What started as living room fitting appointments, for training and judo boots imported directly from Japan and China, turned into a full shop and business for owner Leslie. Traditionally, these shoes are worn by practitioners of martial arts but provide comfort and durability for other uses. Other unique pieces and footwear meant for everyday use can also be found, always at the highest quality."

Monarch Park

Park • Greenwood-Coxwell

"Monarch Park, Danforth by Kev Seto. Like the butterfly its named after, Monarch Park flits between a hub of community activity, a place to play and connect, and a quiet walk amongst nature. With an off leash dog area (and a great dog/human community), an outdoor pool (diving board, slide, wading pool, everything) that runs through the summer, and a skating rink in the winter, there's always something different to do year round. Or plop down on the grass, read a book and people/dog watch everyone else enjoy their day at the park."

The Big Carrot Danforth Community Market

Health food store • Playter Estates-Danforth

"The Big Carrot, Danforth by Kev Seto. Situated in the landmark Carrot Common, The Big Carrot is the largest organic and natural foods market in the area. They make shopping for such things easy and accessible for those new to health conscious trends. Prices are affordable and selection is always fresh and varied."

Sweet Serendipity

Bakery • Greenwood-Coxwell

"Sweet Serendipity, Danforth by Kev Seto. Surrounded by Ethopian and Middle Eastern cafes on one side and a car garage on the other, its difficult to pick out the sweetness within. But if you happen by, take a turn and walk right up. Sweet Serendipity has the most charming interior that reminds you of a 1950's home kitchen.The pumpkin pecan tart is wonderfully spiced and of course, full of sweet. Designed as more of a grab and go, Sweet also does large orders and custom cakes."


Computer store • Playter Estates-Danforth

"Riverdale Mac, Danforth by Kev Seto. If you need repairs, upgrades or just some general knowledge dropped about what your Mac can do, stop here for pretty much everything you need. You'll find cables, accessories and protective wear, as well as a large selection of Herschel's bags and laptop cases. The staff are very friendly and will help you learn as well as fix. They also have a nostalgia trip of a back wall, including the 1984 Macintosh."

, Negash Design Inc

Manufacturer • Playter Estates-Danforth

"Negash + Dessa, Danforth by Kev Seto. A great spot to explore European trends and support local designers, Negash + Dessa is an artist combination fashion boutique that specializes in carrying higher end dresses, bags, jewellery and accessories for women. The owner makes trips both locally and to Europe to collect and provide designs she'd love to see take more of a hold here. Handcrafted leather bags line an entire wall, while the clothing is generously spaced further back. Beyond, is a workshop/studio where a rotating designer or artist works to create some of the pieces you'll see on the floor."

North Pole Bakery

Bakery • Greenwood-Coxwell

"North Pole Bakery, Danforth by Kev Seto. Nonna' is Italian for Grandmother, and nonna's kitchen is what it's like stepping into North Pole Bakery. It's warm, it's dark and cozy, it smells like heaven, and if you're hungry, you will be fed. Walk in early for fresh baguettes and deli meats. Hint: hollow out your baguette and line it with salami or pepperoni! The sweets are beautiful, classic and melt in your mouth indulgent, and there are plenty to go around. Much of the food you can take home to share, but once it's gone you'll have to come back for more."

Kera Fresh Meat

Meat wholesaler • East End-Danforth

"Fresh, Danforth by Kev Seto. Fresh is not your normal floral shop. And its unapologetic about that. Here you'll discover huge displays of intricately arranged florals, plants and pretty much anything that grows. Most are one of kind pieces, meant for you to display as centre pieces on the table or in the room. They also cater corporate events and create custom pieces in the back, a space the belies the first glance if you walk in. The giant main display in-store changes seasonly so stop by to get ideas or simply to enjoy what creativity can do when displaying the nature side of things."

Brass Taps Pizza Pub

Restaurant • Riverdale

"Brass Taps Pizza Pub, Danforth by Kev Seto. If you're looking for a more down to earth bar, try Brass Taps. Great place to start or end the night as they serve a variety of excellent pub food and pizza as well as a good selection of locally brewed beers. It's quite lovely with a lot of original wood styling and cozy booths to settle into and enjoy an after meal drink. Talk over food, talk over drink or talk trash over pool and the arcade, as the space is perfect for just hanging out and getting to know everyone a lot better!"

Re: Reading Used Books

Used book store • Playter Estates-Danforth

"Re: Reading, Danforth by Kev Seto. In a world full of stores trying to sell you the latest, to make you feel as if you need to be constantly caught up on your reading, this one is all about finding the lost and forgotten treasures of the past. Whether its the book that got you hooked on reading, learning or living, or the shows that kept you glued to the screen, you can always re-discover and let it shed some light on the present. Take some time to revisit the classics and the mystery section, or browse and travel the world from the couch."

Zuccarini Importing Company Ltd

Coffee machine supplier • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Zuccarini Importing Company Ltd., Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Zuccarini Importing is the original importers of Italian espresso and bar equipment, serving Canada’s residential and commercial espresso needs since 1954. Founded by Giacomo Zuccarini, it is still family run to this day. They also service equipment, provide coffee training, and have a retail area of beans, syrups and sauces."

The Costume House

Event venue • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Theatrix Costume House, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Established in 1965, Theatrix houses over 50 000 rental costumes and accessories, a small retail shop, and an in-store atelier, where custom-made costumes are created by top costume designers. Drop in to buy a mask, rent an Elizabethan dress, outfit an entire cast, or sign up for one of their tours or workshops. Need something special for that RuPaul’s Drag Race finale party? Their wig master and makeup artists will make sure you don’t lip sync for your life!"


Picture frame shop • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Superframe, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Superframe is a custom frame shop renowned in the industry. It also provides other art related services, such as installation and fine art transportation. Unlike the average frame shop, Superframe publishes small editioned works and showcases the new work of an artist every six months in their Portrait and Landscape series -- their outdoor horizontal and vertical signs act as exhibition spaces."

The Sovereign Cafe

Cafe • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"The Sovereign Cafe, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Born and raised in Davenport Village, childhood friends Rosario Salvi and Gianfranco Voce founded The Sovereign in May 2012. These two Italian gentlemen are committed to serving excellent coffee (Rufino blends) in a welcoming a warm environment. In 2013 head chef Anthony Menna joined the team; the café now offers brunch, house-made snacks, and baked goods (the pistachio cookies are heaven). The Sovereign has evolved into a pillar for the community (think Cheers), acting as both a meeting place for local residents and business owners, and a destination spot for espresso aficionados."

The Sovereign Cafe

Cafe • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"The Sovereign Cafe, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Born and raised in Davenport Village, childhood friends Rosario Salvi and Gianfranco Voce founded The Sovereign in May 2012. These two Italian gentlemen are committed to serving excellent coffee (Rufino blends) in a welcoming a warm environment. In 2013 head chef Anthony Menna joined the team; the café now offers brunch, house-made snacks, and baked goods (the pistachio cookies are heaven). The Sovereign has evolved into a pillar for the community (think Cheers), acting as both a meeting place for local residents and business owners, and a destination spot for espresso aficionados."

Nova Era Bakery

Bakery • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Nova Era Bakery, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Though there are a number of Nova Era cafes in Toronto, this is their main location and bakery; the smell of freshly baked sweets and bread tempt passersby. Nova Era is a family owned and operated cafe and bakery, serving traditional Portuguese baked goods (we recommend the corn bread), custard tarts (natas!), lunch items (tosta mista, fish cakes etc.) and specialty cakes. You may wish you knew a few words of Portuguese..."

Newport Fish & Seafood

Fish store • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Newport Fish & Seafood, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Newport Fish & Seafood is home to a variety of European imported products (mainly Portuguese), fresh fish, seafood, meat, cheese, and produce. Fish and seafood are imported from all over the world from places as far as Portugal, Chile, and the Mediterranean. You will find tuna in charming packaging and really good prices here."

Hillcrest Park

Park • Wychwood

"Hillcrest Park, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. High atop the the Davenport escarpment, Hillcrest Park has an amazing view of Toronto’s skyline. This 2.1 hectare park at Davenport Road and Christie Street features a ball diamond, a dog off-leash area, a basketball court, four lit outdoor tennis courts, a community garden, a wading pool and a children's playground."

Macedo U-Vin / Macedo Winery

Winery • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Evolution Wines, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Evolution Wines is a family run winery, that offers wine tasting and tours. They sell imported and Canadian wines as well as their own blends. Come in for a wine tasting and ask for Daisy! Want something a little more unique and custom? Macedo U-Vin has everything you need to bottle your own wine or beer."

Ernie's Barbershop

Barber shop • Wychwood

"Ernie's Barbershop, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Established in 1964, Ernie's Barbershop was founded by Ernesto Magliocco, who migrated from the small town of Consenza, Italy to Canada. Over 50 years later, Ernie’s has become a neighbourhood staple, serving generations of loyal clients."


Art gallery • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Cooper Cole, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Cooper Cole gallery, founded by Simon Cole, is housed in the Portuguese Community Centre on Dupont Street. The commercial gallery showcases emerging and mid-career contemporary Canadian and international artists. White walls and concrete floors house rotating exhibitions of a variety of mediums, including installation, video, photography, and sculpture."

Album Studio Rentals

Photography studio • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Album Studio Rentals, Davenport Village by Michael Madjus & Aisle 4. Album studio rentals is home to seven studio rentals (which also serve as event rentals), equipment rentals and exhibition area. There are three big and airy studios in their main location, and three off-site, but in close proximity."

Swipe Design books + objects

Book store • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Swipe Design, Downtown by Jacknife. As the best Toronto destination for design, architecture and advertising books, independent retailer Swipe has survived multiple moves by holding true to a dedication of serving the designer community with the best on the market. Their loyal audience has been purchasing books, magazines and design objects from them in various locations around the city since 1987 and currently from their new-(ish) space in the historic, creative hub at 401 Richmond. While you’re there pick up a Rooster Sriracha wallet, some Pantone Coffee Cups or the latest design tome from Phaidon."

Sweet Jesus

Ice cream shop • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Sweet Jesus, Downtown by Jacknife. Hallelujah, soft serve pimped out cones have arrived! Toughest/ best decision of your day will be deciding which crazy concoction to indulge in. Whether it's the Cinnamon Cone Crunch, Lemon Coconut Cream Pie or Rocky Road Rage, Sweet Jesus is guaranteed to satisfy that sweet tooth. This corner unit in the middle of the Entertainment District is small but mighty. Not only an ice cream parlour, they also serve up speciality coffees, Paletas (Mexican popsicles) and churros in a cup of dulce de leche(!!!)."

Tap Phong Trading Company

Asian household goods store • Kensington-Chinatown

"Tap Phong Trading Company, Downtown by Jacknife. Aside from being the go-to place for all cookware and restaurant needs in the downtown core, it also houses an endless bounty of cool “shit”. Between restaurant-grade dish ware, ceramics, kitchen utensils, storage containers, appliances and eastern inspired tchotchkes, Tap Phong has it all.On any given day the aisles are filled with an eclectic mix of individuals - whether it’s an executive chef from one of Toronto’s chichi restaurants, a bearded hipster from the local coffee shop down the street or a struggling art student looking for materials for their next project… they are all there for Tap Phong’s unique selection, cheap prices and arcane objects."

Horseshoe Tavern

Bar • Kensington-Chinatown

"The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, Downtown by Jacknife. A premiere Toronto music venue for over 60 years, The Legendary Horseshoe is Canada’s most storied music destination. The intimate 300 capacity venue has hosted momentous shows by international acts like The Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson and The Ramones as well as Canadian luminaries like The Band, Arcade Fire and The Tragically Hip. From it’s earliest days as a country bar to the “death of TO punk” event captured in The Last Pogo and the monumental Wilco show that birthed the alt-country scene, the ‘Shoe has always been at the center of the city’s music scene.Live performances by: OFF!, Atlas Sound, St. Vincent, Cursive and No Age."

Stonemill Bakehouse Ltd

Bakery • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"St. Lawrence Market, Downtown by Jacknife. As one of world's best food markets and the city's largest, St. Lawrence is a historic landmark downtown Toronto. The massive 19th century brick building is home to over 120 specialty vendors offering multiple bakeries, flower shops, and a variety of unique artisans along with poultry, dairy, produce, and seafood stands.On Saturdays, the Farmers' Market opens in the north building (directly across the street) where shoppers can find even more local selection.We recommend hitting up Buster's Sea Cove in the back South-West corner for their famous fish and chips and homemade coleslaw. Trust us, it's worth the wait!"


Store • Kensington-Chinatown

"Cubeshops, Downtown by Jacknife. This specialty shop carries quality products by some of the best undiscovered manufacturers in the world. Items found inside this gallery store on Baldwin St. hold significant cultural importance and tend to have a Japanese aesthetic. Whether it be office supplies, tech accessories or housewares, each item has been carefully selected to create a cultural mosaic of traditions and beliefs. As North America, Japan, and Europe further develop a taste for foreign products, Cubeshops opens its doors to those seeking alternative ideas."

Wide Open

Bar • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Wide Open, Downtown by Jacknife. Located in a former alley, Wide Open has been serving up drink specials to a mix of regulars and commuters in the fashion district for the past 13 years. The alley’s original brick exterior make up the two long interior walls and only adds to the dive bar aesthetic which suits the post-work crowd and nearby condo-dwelling regulars just fine. Come in for a quick one (or three) after a hard day’s work or stay until last call getting sloppy with the locals."

Second Cup Café

Coffee shop • Bay Street Corridor

"Second Cup Coffee Co., Downtown by Jacknife. Long before the ubiquitous green haired caffeine mermaid from Seattle arrived north of the border, most Canadian coffee lovers satisfied their java cravings at one of 450 Second Cup outlets across the nation.As the first of many re-designed and re-branded locations, Second Cup Coffee Co. represents a deep respect for the roots of the business, and their commitment to championing true coffee culture. Between the white marble countertops, cream tiles and white oak accents, this is truly a place you'll want to spend time in. Pull up a seat to the slow bar and check out the pour over station and the crème de la crème - the Alpha Dominche steampunk brewer, the first of its kind in Canada."

Osgoode Hall

City courthouse • Bay Street Corridor

"Osgoode Hall, Downtown by Jacknife. Situated on the busy intersection of Queen and University, you can walk past this historical site a hundred times before really noticing what's through the gated courtyard. Beyond the fence and gorgeous large garden (open year round) sits easily one of the most beautiful interiors you'll ever see. The best part: it's free!Inside, heritage courtrooms from the late 1800's, stained glass heraldic windows covering 4,000 years of law and The Great Library (touted as the most beautiful room in Canada) make Osgoode Hall a must see. All areas are open to the public, including the Osgoode Hall restaurant, which is open for lunch on weekdays."

Toronto Dominion Centre

Business center • Bay Street Corridor

"Toronto Dominion Centre, Downtown by Jacknife. Smack in the middle of Toronto’s financial district, TD Centre's towers, designed by the legendary Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, cover 4.3 million square feet and house Canada’s largest and most dynamic business community. "The Pasture", created by Canadian sculptor, Joe Fafard, consists of seven life-sized cows that populate the grassy courtyard and create the perfect setting to take in the striking architecture. This green space nestled amongst the urban setting offers a refreshing sense of calmness. TD Centre is also home to an Inuit Art Gallery, Design Exchange (Canada's Design Museum) and an impressive art collection consisting of entirely Canadian artists."

Mackenzie House

History museum • Church-Yonge Corridor

"Mackenzie House, Downtown by Jacknife. Just steps away from the hustle and bustle of Yonge and Dundas Square is a hidden heritage treasure known as the Mackenzie House. This is the restored home of Toronto's first mayor, radical journalist and newspaper publisher, William Lyon Mackenzie. Determined to keep history alive, the museum workers are dressed in character as they show you a fully operating 19th century printing press. It's amazing (and humbling) to see how much work was put into printing one newspaper so many years ago, and it's fun to go home with your very own letterpresses card."

Dineen Coffee Co.

Coffee shop • Bay Street Corridor

"Dineen Coffee Co., Downtown by Jacknife. Situated in one of Toronto's oldest structures, this bustling coffee shop is a staple in the downtown scene. Where historical significance meets contemporary lifestyle, every detail is accounted for. Whether you're stopping in for an espresso or meeting up for a delicious lunch, the floor to ceiling windows, hand painted floors and leather banquettes make this an ideal gathering space."

Toronto Public Library - Lillian H. Smith Branch

Library • Kensington-Chinatown

"Lillian H. Smith: Toronto Public Library, Downtown by Jacknife. With two large bronze griffins guarding the front entrance, Lillian H. Smith is not your typical library. In fact, it has two exceptional world-class collections in science fiction and rare children's books. The Merril Collection of Science Fiction features a remarkable collection of 57,000+ items including out of print materials, original sci-fi and fantasy art and the first edition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.The Osborne Collection of Children's literature is so impressive that J.K. Rowling and Empress Michiko of Japan took time to tour the collection. This section of the library, located on the very top floor, holds a large volume of early and first editions of many modern children's classics. In addition, it features special exhibits all year round such as the 150th anniversary celebration of Alice in Wonderland. Before you leave, be sure to peek through the microscope to see the world’s tiniest book!"

Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Espresso bar • Kensington-Chinatown

"Dark Horse Espresso Bar, Downtown by Jacknife. This Spadina location is the jewel in the crown of the Toronto coffee chain. It’s a bright but rustic affair combining hardwood with exposed brick and punctuated by an ornate pressed tin counter front. It’s strictly an espresso scene so queue up for a flat white, cortado or plain old americano. Downstairs from a co-working space, it is home to digital nomads sipping the day away at laptops, office workers grabbing lunch and students checking social media accounts. If large work tables are not your jam, cozy up for a conversation in the intimate armchairs in the back."

Ryerson Student Learning Centre

Learning center • Church-Yonge Corridor

"Ryerson Student Learning Centre, Downtown by Jacknife. Ryerson's new Student Learning Centre has become a bustling hub for downtown's student culture. Stunning architecture, technology driven labs and smart design make this workspace feel more like a lounge than a library. Just looking for a cool place to hangout? The 6th floor, better known as "The Beach" is a hidden gem just steps away from the Eaton Centre. Catch some locals break dancing or just chill out on one of the many bean bag chairs spread throughout this sloping amphitheater above the city. Befriend a local student for some Wifi and you’re good as gold."

Lavish & Squalor

Novelty store • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Lavish & Squalor, Downtown by Jacknife. A treasure chest of nostalgic meets today’s lifestyle of home decor, gift, body, hip streetwear, coffee and gifts. Be sure to linger at the coffee bar stocked with old-fashioned confectionary for sale, recreating the feel of a general store."

Drake One Fifty

Restaurant • Bay Street Corridor

"Drake One Fifty, Downtown by Jacknife. Chic Financial District outpost which serves up inventive Canadian dishes, delicious cocktails and premium beers. There’s a mini General Store condensed into a vintage cabinet, a photo booth and annually/semi-annually curated art installations from both emerging and established artists. A favourite spot for after work drinks, weekend lunch or late night snack."

The Detox Market

Health and beauty shop • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Detox Market, Downtown by Jacknife. The search for green beauty products is over! Detox Market offers a unique selection of clean, toxic-free skincare, make-up, hair, and nail products for men and women. They also carry a variety of healthy snacks, teas, candles and handmade goods from Toronto-based and Canadian businesses. Purity is taken very seriously here with each product carefully screened and tested before carried into the store. Highly trained staff are ready with tips and recommendations to help you live good, live happy & live detoxed."

Music Gallery


"Music Gallery, Downtown by Jacknife. A music venue situated in St. George the Martyr Church just south of OCAD, The Music Gallery is one of the city’s most interesting places to take in a concert with it’s dedication to presenting an eclectic array of non-commercial music ranging from art rock and folk to modern and experimental for nearly 40 years.Live performances by: Still Boys, Ramzi and Zoo Owl.Pictures by : Kevin Jones"


Thai restaurant • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"PAI, Downtown by Jacknife. When it comes to finding great Thai food in Toronto the real difference is in the details. Northern Thai Cuisine traditionalists Pai pay special attention to those finer points serving up tasty dishes like Gaeng Kiaw Wan (green curry served in a coconut!), Khao Soi and Tom Yum Kung Mor Fai in a cavernous, lower-level location combining an open-kitchen with mixed seating (chair or floor). Whether you like it Mai Phet (no spice) or Farang Spicy (Foreigner Hot), the warm, earthy atmosphere and unique take on Thai is sure to satisfy you as it has area residents since opening in the heart of the city’s Entertainment District in 2014."

Hart House Building

Building • University

"Hart House, Downtown by Jacknife. A popular meeting and study spot among University of Toronto students, Hart House is a hidden cultural hub that welcomes visitors all year round. One can explore the many unique lounge spaces in this magnificent building, unwind in the beautiful courtyard (“The Quad”), take in historical and contemporary Canadian art in the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery (FREE!), swim in the Art Deco style pool, enjoy a tragedy at the Hart House Theatre and have lunch or Sunday brunch at the atmospheric Gallery Grill restaurant. In addition, Hart House offers countless popular public events throughout the year such as Craft Beer Festival, Hart House of Horrors Halloween Party and 5-Buck Lunch on selected Wednesdays ... keep up with all the happenings on the Hart House website."

Sonic Boom

Record store • Kensington-Chinatown

"Sonic Boom, Downtown by Jacknife. Keeping the classic record store format alive, the former Annex shop relocated to a beautiful 2 floor space on Spadina staffed by knowledgeable employees ranging from old school lifers to art school music nerds. Boasting the biggest selection of vinyl and used CDs in the city, people from all over come here to find everything from jazz vinyl and latest rock records to real indie stuff like obscure punk 7”s and new cassettes(!) by locals."

Sovereign State

Design agency • Trinity Bellwoods

"State Goods, Dundas West by Sovereign State. State Goods is the sister company of local design consultancy Sovereign State. Walk by their Dundas West studio and you will catch their latest prints hanging in the window. State Goods often collaborates with local artists and designers to create beautiful prints that evoke a sense of nostalgia. State Goods is only open 9 to 5 during the week, but they are available online"


Italian restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Campagnolo, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Campagnolo opened in 2010 and in our opinion, is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. Known for their top-notch service and ambiance, Campanolgo excels at creating comfort food that your Italian grandma would make. Start with the burrata and end with the salted caramel budino and your senses will thank you."


Izakaya restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Hanmoto, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Hanmoto is one of those perfect places to impress a potential date. Unmarked and slightly off-the-grid, it oozes with cool without trying. The space is cozy and warm with an open kitchen and eclectic décor. Seating is a little tight and you might have to wait for a table, but it’s worth it as Hanmoto specializes in greasy snack foods with a delicious Japanese flavour. Hanmoto's Dyno wings- deboned chicken wings stuffed with ground pork and bacon, wrapped in gyoza skin- are a must."

Easy Tiger Goods

Gift shop • Beaconsfield

"Easy Tiger Goods, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Easy Tiger Goods is the place to go to pick up a gift for the designer in your life. Or anyone really! Products are expertly curated by owner Zai Rajkotwala and it’ll be hard to leave without buying something. Easy Tiger carries many local goods from artists, but they also stock interesting objects from around the world. The intention is to stock products that are made with integrity and have a story to share."

Julie's Cuban Restaurant

Cuban restaurant • Beaconsfield

"Julie’s Cuban Restaurant, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Julie’s Cuban is not found on the main Dundas strip, rather it’s tucked away on Dovercourt Road, right between Dundas St and Queen St. Julie’s has been around for 20 years and remains one of Toronto’s best kept secrets. Besides serving tapas and authentic Cuban fair, they are known for their mojitos and piña coladas, which may be the best in the city. The moment you step inside you are enveloped by the cozy fairy lights and wall of trinkets collected over the years. During summer nights the front patio is open, creating a romantic atmosphere perfect for those long days."


Jamaican restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Patois, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Patois mashes up Chinese and Jamaican food to create a unique flavour that is emblematic of Toronto. The space itself is colourful and inviting, and it’s a good spot to come with a big group of friends to share plates. The dirty fried rice is a staple, but the Jerk chicken Chowmein or the “Pierogi” Kimchi Potstickers really demonstrate how well Chinese-Caribbean flavours go together. Patois also offers a small wine list, a few beers on tap and custom cocktails as a cherry on top. You also have the option of reserving the Chef’s Table Feast where you can wholly experience the fusion of flavours."

Tampered Press

Cafe • Trinity Bellwoods

"The Tampered Press, Dundas West by Sovereign State. The Tampered Press is located right across from Trinity Bellwoods Park, allowing it to be the perfect place to pick up a cup of coffee after a morning jog. The café offers a large selection of coffee drinks and baked goods, including gluten-free and vegan options. There is also a small lunch menu compromised of grilled cheese sandwiches and samosas. The coffee shop offers seasonal drinks and snacks throughout the year, including Chaider in the fall (Chai and cider) and Augie’s Ice Pops in the summer. The Tampered Press is also one of the best coffee shops to work in, thanks to ample seating and free WiFi."

The Lakeview Restaurant

Diner • Trinity Bellwoods

"The Lakeview Restaurant, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Lakeview is a neighbourhood staple that is literally always open. Around since 1932, it was completely gutted and restored in 2008 to feature cozy booths and a brand new menu. Whether you want to grab brunch on a Sunday or stumble in at 3 am after playing Frogger at Get Well, there’s something for everyone. Lakeview boats $3 mimosas, $4 daily pints and Caesars, along with an extensive menu that has everything from eggs benny to fried pickles to The Majestic Burger."

Saudade Toronto

Gift shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"Saudade, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Right in the middle of Little Portugal between bakeries and soccer bars lies Saudade, a little shop celebrating Portuguese design. Owners Nancy and Connie import goods from Portuguese designers and artisans that blend the old with the new. There’s a little something for everyone from beautiful geometric wool blankets, to unique ceramics to Crème de Rosto face creams. Saudade translates to a wistful longing for a place, person or thing, and even if you’ve never been to Portugal, you’ll want to after visiting this shop."

Communist's Daughter

Bar • Trinity Bellwoods

"Communist’s Daughter, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Communist’s Daughter is somewhat easy to miss considering the bar has kept the old signage for Nazare Snack Bar. However, the small sign in the window indicates that you have found Dundas West’s best and favourite hole in the wall bar. There is a small menu available and the drinks are fairly cheap. There’s a laid-back musical vibe to the place, the bartender switching out vinyls from a dusty record player. In the evenings you can often catch bands playing in the front window and there’s an amazing jukebox located at the back of the bar. The Communist’s Daughter is the place to go when you want to feel like you’re home."

Get Well

Bar • Trinity Bellwoods

"Get Well, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Get Well bar is now an institution on the Dundas West strip. They offer more than a dozen beers on tap (always on rotation), a huge bottle selection and standard mixed drinks. The best part is that they have a wall of arcade games that you can play for free! There are also two robust pinball machines that will set you back a whole quarter. Recently the bar partnered up with North of Brooklyn Pizzeria offering fresh slices or whole pies. You can plan a whole night at Get Well or allow it to be a fun pit stop before your night ends. The kitschy décor ties everything together allowing Get Well to become a local favourite."

Saving Grace

Breakfast restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Saving Grace, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Saving Grace is a Toronto staple, serving brunch seven days a week. Weekends are quite busy and you can expect at least an hour of waiting, but you can easily snag a table during the week for a late morning indulgence. The have a constant rotating daily specials menu and are known for their poached eggs and French Toast (with caramelized bananas!). Make sure to try the Espressado which is espresso blended with avocado, we promise you won’t find anything like it. When you eat at Saving Grace, you always feel like you’re at home."

Ride Away Bikes

Bicycle Shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"Ride Away Bikes, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Ride Away Bikes opened in 2010 and is a sister to West Coast outposts Ride On and Ride On Again. They offer new and used bikes and parts and also provide full repair services for your bike. Whether you are a road demon or a complete beginner, Ride Away Bikes will make sure you leave happy. Make sure to nab a few stickers as a souvenir!"

Porchetta & Co

Sandwich shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"Porchetta & Co, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Many places in Toronto have started to offer porchetta sandwiches, but no one comes to close to Porchetta Co.’s offerings. They use a 3 step process that starts with marinating pork shoulders, which they then wrap in sliced prosciutto. Finally, the pork is rolled in lightly cured pork belly, making this porchetta one-a-kind. The Porchetta Co. house special is the real deal but you can also try one of their many daily specials or pick up a savoury side."

887 Dundas St W

Building • Trinity Bellwoods

"Pie Commission, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Pie Commission began as a small outpost in Etobicoke, but their 5 inch savoury pies became so popular that they opened a downtown location. All pies are made from scratch, in-house using natural ingredients. Their buttery and flakey pie crust is out of this world, but the secret prize are their fries. Pair it with a brew and you are good to go. They are also vegetarian friendly and have at least two options for those who opt out of eating meat. If you don’t feel like indulging in some savoury goodness, you can always pick up one of their dessert pies and head to Trinity Bellwoods Park for a picnic."

Northern Belle

Bar • Trinity Bellwoods

"Northern Belle, Dundas West by Sovereign State. A relatively new kid on the block, Northern Belle acts as a café, lunch spot and late night bar. During the day you can pick up a good cup of coffee and one of their sandwiches (Vegetarian and Vegan options available) and at night you can try one of many house cocktails or choose from the wide variety of local and European brews."

Montauk Bar

Bar • Trinity Bellwoods

"Montauk, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Montauk is the cozy place to go if you are looking for interesting cocktails. The number one in our books is the Tame Impala: tequila, lime, cucumber and chai tea syrup, topped off with ginger beer. It's the only Montauk cocktail on tap. The whole interior was built from scratch by owner and friend Dustin Keating."


Persian restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Kadbanu, Dundas West by Sovereign State. Kadbanu opened in the winter of 2014, bring Persian flavour to the street. The space is bright, tall and light envelops the restaurant thanks to wraparound windows. It’s a great spot to sit down and enjoy lunch, their lentil soup being the perfect dish to indulge in when it’s cold outside. Kadbanu offers a wide selection of unique sandwiches, stews and dinner plates. Make sure to leave room for cocktails, especially the Safka which is saffron infused vodka, sour cherry juice and pomegranate seeds."

Market 707

Bazar • Kensington-Chinatown

"Market 707, Dundas West by Sovereign State. If you want to truly experience Toronto’s multicultural food scene, Market 707 is the place to go. Started in 2010, ten shipping containers were retrofitted to accommodate fridges, hotplates, fryers and whatever else a small business might need. Each stall offers it’s own unique flavour and you can get everything from empanadas to chicken karage to west indian roti to authentic Quebecois poutine. Market 707 is Toronto at it’s best."

Ella's Uncle

Cafe • Trinity Bellwoods

"Ella’s Uncle, Dundas West by Sovereign State. A Dundas West favourite, Ella’s Uncle offers expertly brewed coffee and mouth watering baked goods. The space is small, offering only a few seats, but the smell of espresso beans and baked goods makes it hard to leave. Try The Ella which is a latte sweetened with Maple syrup or a Red Mocha which is just a little bit spicy. While the coffee is outstanding, the real winners are the baked goods. The standouts are the blueberry scones, which sell out regularly, and the crack cookies truly live up to their name."

The Dog Bowl

Pet supply store • Trinity Bellwoods

"The Dog Bowl, Dundas West by Sovereign State. The Dog Bowl differs from other pet stores in the sense that when you walk in, you don’t feel overwhelmed. Owner Jason makes sure to stock items and accessories that he likes and would buy for his own dog, allowing him to be confident in his recommendations. If your pet as allergies or special diets, chances are you will find what you need. Make sure to say hello to shop dog Jamie, who is always happy to greet you."


Home goods store • Trinity Bellwoods

"Bookhou, Dundas West by Sovereign State. John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj are the masterminds behind bookhou, a small empire of handmade home and lifestyle goods. Bookhou started as an online business in 2002 and the brick and mortar storefront opened in 2008. The shop is light and airy showcasing Arounna’s patterned textiles and John’s woodwork. It’s a family affair and you can often see their kids watching their parents in the workshop at the back of the shop."

Queen Mother Cafe

Restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Queen Mother Cafe, Entertainment District by Jam3. Located in the heart of Queen Street, the Queen Mother Cafe is one of the first staple locations on the strip, some say that it is the one spot that helped to make Queen Street West what it is today. The chef, Noy Phangnanouvong, has been with the restaurant since 1989 and he combines flavours from South East Asia mixed with French traditions. He has created a menu that is unique and transformative. The ambiance is simple, and you can find books and paintings celebrating Queen Elizabeth I of England, and all her glory. As she smiles down on the guests feasting on savoury or sweet food, the restaurant lights up with the laughter and “Mmm’s” heard all around. If you’re visiting in the summer, be sure to dine on their patio out back, it is as if you were transported into another city."

The Rex Hotel Jazz and Blues Bar

Live music venue • Kensington-Chinatown

"The Rex, Entertainment District by Jam3. Jazz, history, and beer. The Rex is a spot that will never disappoint. Celebrating the power of Jazz music, The Rex might seem like a dive bar, but rather it is a bar full of history and life. Walking in the doors you immediately hear tooting and buzzing of horns and other brass instruments, paired with laughter and the joy of music lovers alike. Beer is not far from the hands of the listeners, seated at the rustic wooden tables, ears open to the powerful live music."

401 Richmond Building

Art center • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"401 Richmond, Entertainment District by Jam3. One of the true hidden gems in this pocket of the downtown core is the Roof Gardens located at 401 Richmond. Beginning informally about 20 years ago by Property Manager, Mike Moody, the once-barren area is has flourished much like its tenants in this arts-centric space."

MEC Toronto

Outdoor sports store • Kensington-Chinatown

"MEC, Entertainment District by Jam3. When coming to Toronto, you need to be prepared for any type of weather. MEC is your go-to place for preparing for the Great White North. Besides the copious amounts of sporting wear, the building is remarkable. With vaulted ceilings and exposed piping, MEC prepares you for our rugged landscape without even going outside of the city. The layout of the store is guided by the different activities you can do in and outside of Toronto. The quality of their products are exceptional, and anyone will agree that their clothing is hard to pass up. Spending just $20 is difficult at MEC, so if you venture inside, be warned that the outdoorsman (or woman) in you, will have to control your urge to spend all of your savings."

375 Queen St W

Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Little Nicky’s, Entertainment District by Jam3. Any time Little Nicky’s is brought up, one immediately thinks about two things: damn good coffee and homemade donuts that melt in your mouth. Located on Peter Street just south of Queen, Little Nicky’s is a step into the 1920’s with vintage art pieces decorating the walls, along with their teak furniture allowing you to feel at home. These baristas know their coffee, whether it be a simple latte or espresso shot, their knowledge of the beans and how coffee works with their specific milk shows the care and investment every person puts into an order. It’s always a question of how they got their name (and no, it’s not the movie); Little Nicky is the owner’s dog that they have pictured in the cafe. When the designer needs a jolt of energy, there’s no question that Little Nicky’s is our first stop."

Soho House Toronto

Restaurant • Bay Street Corridor

"Soho House, Entertainment District by Jam3. Soho House is a private art’s club that merges detail with beauty and sophistication with art. Located on Adelaide Street, the Soho House allows members to leave their fast paced life and enter a world of luxury. Sulturyly designed, Soho House caters to the true artist and flaneur of the 21st century."

Tutti Matti

Tuscan restaurant • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Tutti Matti, Entertainment District by Jam3. Always making Toronto’s top restaurants Tutti Matti, is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city (though we think it’s the best). Not known by tourists, Tutti Matti is a slice of Italy in the heart of the Entertainment District. Chef Adlia Solomon is a force to be reckoned with. This award winning chef has made her mark on Italian cuisine through the care and dedication in the food she makes. Once seated in the chic atmosphere, you might just see NHL or NBA players satisfying themselves on some of Alida’s homemade noodles, or sipping on fine Italian wine."

Millie Patisserie

Patisserie • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Mille Patisserie & Creamery, Entertainment District by Jam3. Tucked away on Oxley street, Mille Patisserie & Creamery is a one of a kind bakery that celebrates the French art of desserts with a Japanese twist. Whether it is the smell of freshly made gelato that will make your mouth start to water, or the ambiance of the interior, one cannot be unsatisfied. The treats made here are very unique and tickle the senses. Hidden similarly to a bakery in Europe, Mille Patisserie is very much a gem that once stumbled upon, you will never forget."

TIFF Bell Lightbox

Movie theater • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Bell Lightbox, Entertainment District by Jam3. One of the most iconic locations in the district, the TIFF Bell Lightbox is much more than just a theatre. The Lightbox offers a multiplicity of events and exhibits for the wandering designer. The building itself is quite attractive, simplicity infuses their modern design which works well with their interchanging exhibits. What is possibly most unknown, yet most fascinating, about the Lightbox is their illustrious film archives. These archives are very telling of the transformation the film industry has undergone over the decades. If archives are not your fancy, there is always an exhibit on or a fascinating film you can catch! Vive le cinema!"

Spacing Store

Souvenir store • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"The Spacing Store, Entertainment District by Jam3. The Spacing Store began 12 years ago as a public spacing magazine that spotlighted spaces within the city; the magazine developed into a retail store. Located on the ground floor of the 401 Richmond building, you will find items made by local artists and designers reflective of our city. The magazine will always remain the heart of the Spacing brand. Their motto: No Moose. No Beavers."

8 Mercer St

Building • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"The Apt by 800 Sq Ft, Entertainment District by Jam3. A first-of-its-kind shoppable apartment that offers a curated collection of home, decor, fashion, and lifestyle - hand selected for the urban dweller."

Honest Weight

Seafood restaurant • Junction Area

"Honest Weight, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. Honest Weight is an alternative and humble fish shop and sit down restaurant. Owner and fishmonger John Bil has created a casual and comfortable setting with a tastefully fishy menu that will leave one hooked. You won't find your usual fish and chips as the menu is constantly changing to compliment the fresh seafood shipments. Menu staples include a delicious fish sandwich and savoury okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese style fish pancake."


Furniture store • Junction Area

"Mjölk, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. Mjölk (pronounced mi-yelk) is a place of Scandinavian and Japanese design dreams. The shop and gallery is adorned with pure, minimal objects that are a testament to craftsmanship. Started by husband and wife team John and Juli Baker, Mjölk has become a design shop recognized worldwide for their eye for beautiful objects and style. Be forewarned, you will want to leave with the store."

Williams Design

Antique furniture store • Junction Area

"Williams Design, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. Williams Design is a treasure chest of all things vintage. Hunting for something specific? The staff at Williams will help you find it and if they don't have it in stock, they will use their black book of resources to locate it. The shop is small, but stockpiled with so many collectables between the main floor and the basement."

ESP | Erin Stump Projects

Art gallery • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"ESP, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. As one walks down Dupont Street they will become captivated by an electric blue building, which is the home to ESP. Erin Stump Projects is a gallery for emerging artists and is the brain child of Erin Stump herself. The gallery has an adorable four legged mascot named Eddie, who will be eagerly waiting to be your tour guide."

Daniel Faria Gallery

Art gallery • Old Toronto

"Daniel Faria Gallery, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. Located at the end of a residential street, you will find a industrial building which has become the home to many of Toronto's leading galleries. One of its residents is the Daniel Faria Gallery. Owner, Daniel Faria has been part of the gallery world for over a decade and represents some of the most respected names in Canadian art."

Gerhard Supply

Men's clothing store • Junction Area

"Gerhard Supply, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. Gerhard Supply is a menswear store with a made‑in‑Canada focus. The shop is filled with carefully curated goods from some of the nations go to designers including Muttonhead, 18 Watts and Outclass Attire. In addition to the local talent, the shop carries other high quality brands that are worth a gander."

Wallace Espresso

Coffee shop • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Wallace Espresso, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. In a simple space adorned in plywood marquetry and greenery, you will find Wallace Expresso. If you are not feeling a cup of java, grab a scoop of ice cream instead, in this welcoming coffee shop."

Latre art + style

Clothing store • Junction Area

"Latre, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. Latre Art and Style is a one of a kind shop that sells unisex apparel, art and accessories. What makes the shop so unique is its electric mix of military, African and First Nation goods. Everything in this shop tells a story and can stand alone as a piece of art."

ARTiculations Art Supply

Art supply store • Junction Area

"ARTiculations, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. ARTiculations is a hub for creatives in the Junction. Focused on creating a community, the store strives to supply individuals with art materials and tools that are unique and of the utmost quality. The space acts not only as a supply shop, but it also is a gallery and a workroom for artists."


Junction Area

"Smash Salvage, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. Smash Salvage is a curated junkyard of reclaimed furniture, fixtures and architectural collections. Found objects are thoughtfully displayed throughout the vast space, even from above. The shop is a source to a multitude of design studios and the film industry, making it worthwhile destination to see what is in shop."

The Art of Demolition

Antique store • Junction Area

"The Art of Demolition, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. Piles on piles of randomness fill the Art of Demolition. Visiting this shop will definitely leave you at moments chuckling as you rummage through the shelves. The shop has an abundance of retro vintage products that will feed your hunger for the obscure. In addition to carrying antique goodies, the shop also makes custom furniture."

Indie Alehouse

Brewery • Junction Area

"Indie Ale House, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. Indie Ale House is the local pub for Junction residents. A vast selection of craft beer brewed in-house can be enjoyed with a meal or even bought from the bottle shop. A must go for beer lovers alike, they have something to satisfy all palettes. The witty names of their brews will inspire you to try more than one."

Take Note Pens & Stationery Store

Stationery store • Junction Area

"Take Note Pens & Stationery Store, Junction Junction Triangle by Simone Ferkul. The art of penmanship lives strong at Take Note Pens & Stationary Store. Filled with everything from notebooks to ink wells, this shop will leave any creative lusting for a brass pencil sharper or a fine ink quill. This little shop is a perfect place to get a little sounveir or gift to reminisce of your travels."

Rasta Pasta

Jamaican restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Rasta Pasta, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. Although it’s positioned as a duo of Italian and Jamaican cuisines, Rasta Pasta is probably best known for its jerk chicken. It’s a generous portion of perfectly cooked, fall-off-the-bone bird, served on a bed of rice, with smoky Jerk sauce poured on top, and served with vegetables. This is easily the best jerk chicken in the area, and you won’t want to share. Given the low prices, you won’t have to. $10 goes a long way here. Keep in mind that there’s limited seating, so be prepared to eat on your lap or standing."

181 Baldwin St


"Tortería San Cosme, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. This coveted corner location in the neighbourhood is adorned with modern decor and hand-lettering. Inside, you’ll find a typically long line-up with plenty of street-facing seating, perfect for people-watching. The sandwiches are carefully put together with hearty, slow-cooked meats surrounded by pan teleras, a Mexican variation of a baguette. Try the Cubana for $12, a delicious layering of smoked ham, adobo pork, bacon, gouda, avocado, dijon, and tomato. For drinks, you can’t go wrong with the thick and spicy Horchata."

The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles

Restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"The Dirty Bird, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. Originally a food truck, The Dirty Bird is one of the most recommended places in my circle. A full step above your typical chicken and waffle joint, the flavours have a Canadian twist and rely on herbs more than simple sauces. If you must, their honey mustard sauce can add a good kick. First-timers should try their signature ODB: a perfectly cooked piece of boneless chicken (juicy inside, crunchy outside) served over a fluffy made-to-order waffle. Best enjoyed with an empty stomach, or with a friend from out of town; the portions are very large."

Golden Patty

Bakery • Kensington-Chinatown

"Golden Patty, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. Look past the hole-in-the-wall exterior, and you'll find the best place to get a hot and fresh Jamaican patty cooked the right way, with a warm flaky crust and perfectly seasoned meat filling. A staple of the neighbourhood, Golden Patty (formerly Patty King) owns a soft spot in the hearts (and stomachs) of many native Torontonians. With a wide variety of patty flavours, you’ll be tempted to visit every time you roll through the neighbourhood. Besides patties, they have tasty rum fruit cake and ginger beer."

Global Cheese Shoppe

Cheese shop • Kensington-Chinatown

"Global Cheese, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. Of the several cheese boutiques that distinguish Kensington Market from other neighbourhoods, the newly-renovated Global Cheese is the best. Clean and organized, shopping here is a serene experience with a huge variety of quality cheese around the perimeter of the main counter. You’ll also be invited to try before you buy, which will help you build the perfect cheese plate for you and your guests."

Seven Lives Tacos y Mariscos

Taco restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Seven Lives Paleteria, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. I’ll go ahead and say it: this cheery younger sibling to Kensington Market’s SoCal taqueria is better than Toronto’s beloved Sweet Jesus. It might not be as Instagram-friendly, but it’s much more practical and tasty. From fun fruit-infused soft-serve to fun Mexican-style floats, this place is full of all sorts of sweet treats (including complete vegan options) that you’ll have to try more than once."

Wanda's Pie in the Sky

Bakery • Kensington-Chinatown

"Wanda's Pie in the Sky, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. This small, colorful bakery is filled with delightful, high-quality baked goods ranging fluffy croissants to gooey monkey bread. A must-visit for the sweet tooth, the daily fresh cookies are delicious and reasonably-priced, the coffee is legit, and they have an amazing homemade mousse pie."

Otto’s Berlin Döner

German restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Otto’s Berlin Döner, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. A simple menu specializing in döner, a German take on the Turkish kebab street snack. Try the currywurst, which is a tasty bratwurst covered in curry over a fresh salad, no bread. The outdoor patio here is a nice place to eat and relax, with smart decor and a beautiful concrete front counter. They also have a selection of traditional German beers."

Blue Banana Market

Gift shop • Kensington-Chinatown

"Blue Banana Market, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. While Kensington Market has its fair share of knick knack kiosks scattered throughout, there’s no other place that displays one-of-a-kind gifts in such a visually interesting experience. This large retail space is filled with thoughtful displays organized by style and use, ranging from French kitchens to pop-culture toys for adults. Be sure to check out their foodstuffs as well, as you can stumble upon specialty carbonated drinks and obscure hot sauces."

Jumbo Empanadas

Chilean restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Jumbo Empanadas, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. This cozy spot is tucked away along the busy Augusta path, and has giant Chilean empanadas, just as advertised. The meat ones have olives and boiled eggs mixed in with the meat filling, and they all come with a fresh, zesty salsa. The friendly service and welcoming patio make for a nice afternoon snack spot."

Phở Hưng Restaurant

Vietnamese restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Pho Hung, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. Right on the south-east border of Kensington Market is the best traditional Pho restaurant in the entire downtown area. It's an efficient, no-nonsense dining experience. No tricks: sit, eat, pay, leave. The rare beef is high quality and trimmed. The broth is light and flavourful without being salty. The tea is complimentary. Most important of all, this place is consistent. Perfect for when you feel under the weather."

Jimmy's Coffee

Cafe • Kensington-Chinatown

"Jimmy’s Coffee, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. Open since 2013, this cozy coffee shop has the best Americano in the neighbourhood. The tin-topped interior is decorated within the clever theme of famous Jimmies (Hendrix, Carter and even Wikipedia’s Wales), and it boasts a beautiful backyard patio with an abundance of outlets, perfect for your mid-excursion break."

Kensington Fruit Market

Produce market • Kensington-Chinatown

"Kensington Fruit Market, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. It’s hard to miss this place. This prominent grocer, right on the busy corner of Kensington and St. Andrew, has the best produce value in the neighbourhood, with prices low enough to ruin you for chain grocers. When you walk inside, you’re treated to a well-organized and colorful grocery shop. In the summer, they also have small planters perfect for the home. This is a convenient grocer to visit when doing any complementary grocery shopping in Chinatown nearby."

Tom's Place

Men's clothing store • Kensington-Chinatown

"Tom's Place, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. Not for the fashion purist, but perfect for bargain suit hunters who have a good idea of what they’re looking for. The honest and knowledgeable staff have plenty of patience to help you find that special gem. As a matter of form, they will begin cutting the price at checkout, but don’t be afraid to haggle further here, this isn’t Harry Rosen."

Pizzeria Via Mercanti

Pizza restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Pizzeria Via Mercanti, Kensington Market by Charles Lim aka Ched. If you’re a fan of Neapolitan pizza, then this is easily one of the best pizzas in the city. The Italian-speaking staff is friendly and welcoming, and with the fresh, high-quality ingredients coming out of a traditional wood oven, you’ll feel like you’re Sicily."

Lee Valley

Tool store • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Lee Valley Tools, King West. Gardeners, handymen, and hobbyists will get lost in the huge selection of top quality tools and gadgets. Lee Valley specializes in retro and reproduction hardware as well if you dig that oldey-timey vibe."

Le Sélect Bistro

French restaurant • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Le Select Bistro, King West. Gorgeous Parisian bistro with excellent food, service, and atmosphere. Reservations advised for dinner and weekend brunch."


Spanish restaurant • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Patria, King West. Patria is a gorgeous venue. Beyond the looks, the great food and quality waitstaff makes a visit an excellent choice for a Toronto native or someone visiting the area for the first time."

Wilbur Mexicana

Mexican restaurant • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Wilbur Mexicana, King West. Named after the pharmacist who invented the Scoville scale, Wilbur Mexicana is a go-to spot for the King West brunch, lunch, and dinner crowd. The reasonable prices and quality food make ordering for yourself or a group a breeze, and checkout the soda station for a special treat."


Restaurant • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Wvrst, King West. If you need convincing beyond duck fat french fries how about an extensive collection of craft beer and cider and a high quality collection of sausage to go along with your drinks. Add any of the creative dipping sauces (green peppercorn and parm or truffle mushroom mayo) to your meal to add a bit of extra flavour."

Quantum Coffee

Coffee shop • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Quantum Coffee, King West. Less than a stones throw from Brainstation, a hub of Toronto's digital education community, Quantum Coffee is home to folks coming in for a quick cup and those studying for their next career change. The area is spacious with seating that looks out onto the busy street to satisfy any people-watching needs."

Alex Wilson Community Garden

Community garden • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Alex Wilson Community Garden, King West. A spot of green in a busy city, the Alex Wilson Community Garden is an outpost of the Toronto Community Garden Network. At 2000 square feet, the garden provides 40 small allotments for community members looking to practice sustainable garden in the city. The garden is open to the public and accessible to all."

Home of the Brave

American restaurant • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Home of the Brave, King West. Home of the Brave serves riffs on classic American dishes with Canadian charm. Wing Night features a rotating cast of takes on the classic dish. Part of Monarch & Misfits growing family of foodie hot spots, Home of the Brave is a good place to check out if you're new to the area and starting to explore."

Jimmy's Coffee

Cafe • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Jimmy's Coffee, King West. Thoughtful décor, tasty coffee, and always knowledgeable baristas. Spotting a new famous Jim is icing on the cake. One of five locations (and growing) means there's more than one chance to stop in for cup of coffee, tea, steamed milk, and more. If you're on the go they'll help brighten your day with a signature yellow takeaway lid. #getyouryellow"

Majesty's Pleasure

Nail salon • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Her Majesty's Pleasure, King West. Enjoy a full body massage or sample signature cocktails and espresso. Or both. Her Majesty's Pleasure brings a crisp and elegant aesthetic to the neighborhood, and with spa services, a bar and cafe, and boutique you're all set for a quick break and breather or an extended rejuvenation experience."

The Citizen

Night club • Waterfront Communities-The Island

"The Citizen, King West. With their handmade cocktails and small plates that show off local ingredients, The Citizen can turn any good evening into a great night. Frequented by King West's business crowd, you'll likely spot colleagues from the neighborhood. In the summer, the patio is an excellent spot for after-work drinks and catchy throwback tunes. Book the 200-seat space inside for your next holiday party or enjoy a quieter game night with a few friends from the office."

Home James Decor

Home goods store • South Riverdale

"Home James, Leslieville by Rob Fujimoto. Home James’ houses two floors filled with vintage, repurposed and new home furniture, decor accessories, artwork and gifts. Not a single spot on the floors, walls or ceilings have gone to waste in Home James. Every available space is utilized to showcase the vast array of unique items – wall clocks, repurposed desks, gift cards, lighting fixtures, flatware, wall art, glassware – everything you need to ensure your home reflects your own tastes and personality. It’s one of those shops where you find yourself stopping every couple of feet to closely examine yet another item that has caught your eye. Set aside some time for your visit – you’ll want to make use of every minute you’re there!"

Fruitful Market

Cafe • South Riverdale

"Fruitful Market, Leslieville by Rob Fujimoto. Fruitful Market is the place to go when you’re looking for food that is “nutrient dense”. The groceries and prepared foods available at Fruitful Market are the product of farms that are not only organic but ones that farm responsibly, working to not deplete the soil ecosystem. The shop partners with two farms to ensure that philosophy runs through all that they have on offer. You’ll find fresh organic produce, meats, eggs and dairy as well as shelves stocked with a fine selection of grocery items. Fruitful Market also has a kitchen that prepares food daily utilizing the fresh ingredients available through the shop. A focus on local and seasonal eating means their meals are not only delicious but fresh, too! You can stop by in the morning for your choice of a caffeine fix and fresh baked goodie. A catering service is also available."

Black Rooster Decor

Furniture store • South Riverdale

"Black Rooster Decor, Leslieville by Rob Fujimoto. Black Rooster Decor was, initially, an online shop. However, luckily for us, in 2014 came the complementary bricks and mortar store. Walking into their bright Queen Street East showroom you find a wide range of furniture, decor accessories, lighting, art, rugs, planter & plant arrangements and more. Owner Nina Ber-Donkor sources her items from around the world but also focuses upon similar small North American businesses. The beautiful planter & plant arrangements are created in-house!"

Bobbette & Belle

Patisserie • South Riverdale

"Bobbette & Belle, Leslieville by Rob Fujimoto. Bobbette & Belle is an artisanal pastry shop where everything on offer has been baked from scratch. The shop is bright with high ceilings, shelves line the walls displaying fondant-covered sample cakes like rows of beautiful baked towers. The large glass displays feature a wide selection of fresh baked, home-style, and high end pastries. There are several tables to sit at and enjoy a coffee and any number of delicious pastries: macarons, cupcakes and tarts all vie for your attention. Bobbette & Belle can also provide custom cakes and pastries for any occasion."

Hooked Inc.

Fish store • South Riverdale

"Hooked, Leslieville by Rob Fujimoto. Hooked is a fantastic fish shop run by local chefs Kristin and Dan Donovan. Hooked sells solely 100% responsibly sourced fish and shellfish. The Donovans work directly with Great Lakes fishers and local fish farmers in order to vet quality and ethical impact. Brightly lit, the fresh fish and shellfish are displayed on sparkling beds of ice. Hooked also carries a variety of local produce and home-made soups and sauces. Not sure how to prepare your freshly caught dinner? Your delicious meal is just a couple of questions and answers away from the friendly and helpful Hooked staff. For the freshest stock in the shop be sure to check out their website for what’s “In the shop this week”."

Arts Market

Gift shop • South Riverdale

"Arts Market, Leslieville by Rob Fujimoto. When I walked into Arts Market for the first time I thought “What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of it?” Well, I didn’t think of it; but it’s a good thing that market coordinator Daniel Cohen did. Arts Market is a space where artists can set up their own shop and display their work along with other artists and their shops all under a single roof. The great thing about walking through Arts Market is that each artist/vendor has created/designed their own space so you find yourself drawn in not only by the art but oftentimes by the unique personalities of the “micro” shops. The work available is as wide-ranging in scope as you might imagine: organic skin creams, handmade stationery, leather goods, repurposed wood, fashion, jewellery, paintings, photography, vintage, furniture."

Good Neighbour

Clothing store • South Riverdale

"Good Neighbour, Leslieville by Rob Fujimoto. Good Neighbour is like the family department store you always wished existed. That is, if you were always on the lookout for hip, cool, high-end, beautifully designed, produced and packaged goods. Two floors of a carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories, cosmetics and fragrances, kids’ clothing, jewellery, gourmet food items, housewares and more. Don’t let “curated” scare you off – the shop is not just a few tastefully displayed items – both floors are filled with a wide variety of everything that you you’re looking for and things you didn’t know you were looking for! On more than one occasion I’ve been able to drop into the shop and come away with a fun, cool and unique gift. They’ve also partnered with the Drake General Store to bring some “west end” into the east end. Definitely worth checking out."

dianna witte gallery

Art gallery • South Riverdale

"Parts Gallery, Leslieville by Rob Fujimoto. Parts Gallery opened in 2002 in Leslieville and this year (2015) has just moved into a larger space; remaining, thankfully, in Leslieville. Representing a roster of approximately 20 artists, Parts Gallery focusses mainly upon contemporary painting and photo-based art. Exhibitions rotate through the roster with regularity so there’s always new work to be seen. The gallery is situated in a storefront with a large shop window which provides plenty of natural light into the space as you walk through the front section viewing the work. The gallery also provides art consultation and custom framing."

The Sidekick

Comic cafe • Greenwood-Coxwell

"The Sidekick, Leslieville by Rob Fujimoto. The Sidekick is a comic book store and cafe. The first thing you notice when you enter the shop (aside from the fantastic aroma of coffee) is that the place just feels Super-friendly (yes, I said it). Warm tones emanate from the red and yellow exposed brick walls and the reclaimed wood of the service counter. Brightly lit as the sun comes in through the storefront window it’s easy to settle into enjoying an espresso drink, a locally-baked pastry and a good book. A six-shelf display filled with the latest issues (the shop receives weekly orders!) of Image, Marvel, Vertigo, DC and other publishers sits between the counter and the shelf-lined brick wall displaying a wide range of graphic novels and action figures. Added bonus: one wall is adorned with a graphic mural created by the shop’s owner Chris Watton."

250 Carlaw Ave

South Riverdale

"Wonderpens, Leslieville by Rob Fujimoto. It doesn’t seem to do justice to Wonderpens to describe it as a stationery store; it is that but it is also so much more. From pens and pencils and ink to paper, notebooks, sealing wax and office supplies you’ll find it all here. The airy shop is particularly dedicated to the fountain pen. A wide selection of fountain pens are available – from starter pens for the initiate for under $20 to those for the connoisseur for over $600 and everything (and, I do mean every thing) in between. With so many different types of writing instruments and surfaces available it’s comforting to know that any questions you might have will be thoughtfully answered by owners Jon or Liz Chan. Very much a part of the Leslieville community, the shop also offers various workshops on calligraphy as well as a free Children’s Handwriting & Cursive Writing Class."

Louie Craft Coffee

Cafe • South Parkdale

"Louie Craft Coffee, Liberty Village by NUFF. Founded by two sisters to caffeinate the many startups popping up in the neighbourhood, and named after their canine companion, Louie has that neighbourhood vibe every good cafe should.The beautiful brick facade opens up to a cosy interior decked out with local art and a community bulletin board. Despite its size, Louie never feels too cramped, even at peak hours. Local internet superstars Beanfield supply the wi-fi.Grab a cup of house blend and a massive cookie, and vibe out to audacious playlists (it takes guts to play the Spice Girls right after NWA), while screenwriters and growth hackers zoom through for their daily dose."

SCHOOL Restaurant

Restaurant • South Parkdale

"School Bakery and Cafe, Liberty Village by NUFF. Step into this eclectic, energetic restaurant and it’s instantly clear you're in for a good time. Even before you’ve had a bite, the room scores high on humour.The "gourmet comfort food" on offer is easily worth the wait—just ask the locals. Little details—an apple brought out before the meal, a game of hopscotch on the way to the bathroom—riff on the educational metaphor.Highly recommended for lazy winter weekend feasts."


Gift shop • South Parkdale

"I Have a Crush on You, Liberty Village by NUFF. When award-winning designer Amy Kwong moved out of her home studio, she decided to go the extra mile. Finding a space larger than she needed let her open a store in addition to the studio. With lots of elbow grease and paint, she breathed new life into her upper-deck digs.IHACOY celebrates the weird and the wonderful. The selection is mix of charismatic house-brand products (neighbourhood keychains, gold-foil greeting cards) and rare, designer-friendly goods (ostrich pillow, helvetica perfume). Her Kwik-Print foil-stamping machine is proudly displayed, inviting us all to see how the sausage is made. To that point, guests are encouraged to hang out with her and her cohort."

Suzanne Gardner Flowers

Florist • Annex

"Suzanne Gardner Flowers, Liberty Village by NUFF. Back in 1980, Suzanne Gardner decided against becoming a vet, opting instead for a job at a local florist. The rest, as they say, is history. Now 17 years into life in Liberty Village, Suzanne has seen many businesses in the hood come and go.Offering everything from bouquets to houseplants, SGF is a dream come true for the green-thumbed. Grab a Bird of Paradise for your loft, or table arrangements for your wedding.FUN FACT: during the wars, the store was occupied by women who spent their days making munitions by hand. To this day, there’s a firing range in the basement."

Balzac's Liberty Village

Cafe • Niagara

"Balzac's, Liberty Village by NUFF. Beyond being a prolific writer, the legendary Honoré de Balzac was also a coffee addict, often [sharing his thoughts on the topic]( No surprise then, that the founder of Balzac's holds a degree in French Literature.In line with their knack for beautiful locations, the Liberty Village outpost is in the historic Toy Factory building. The surrounding condos and office buildings provide endless people watching opportunities.This long, cozy room is the perfect place to enjoy a signature roast, a book, and some afternoon sun."

Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Eclectic restaurant • Niagara

"Mildred's Temple Kitchen, Liberty Village by NUFF. Like a certain Sci-Fi transportation device, Mildred's Temple Kitchen can only truly be appreciated from the inside. Behind the unassuming facade lies a sweeping shrine to good food and good company.The pancakes here are the stuff of legend, and rightfully so. The skillet ain't half bad, either. Not short on quirkiness, you’ll be greeted by animal statues on the way in and treated to airline sounds while you pee.In the Toronto tradition, you might have to wait a while for a spot. Take the opportunity to explore the neighbourhood, fuelled by coffee from [Balzac's]("

The Craft Brasserie & Grille

Bar & grill • Niagara

"The Craft Brasserie & Grille, Liberty Village by NUFF. West Queen West may be home to the city's trendiest bars, but Liberty Village's growing population is not to be ignored. The Craft makes a serious statement with its industrial-loft-meets-sports-bar vibe, smart-casual clientele, and extensive menu.An astonishing 120 beers are on tap here (and that's not counting the seasonal guest taps), all stored lovingly at 4°C in what amounts to a giant fridge.If that sounds intimidating, grab a tasting flight. Don't be afraid to ask the staff for guidance—their knowledge of the menu is borderline encyclopedic.Wine, cocktails, whisky and coffee (courtesy of Jimmy's) are also available, as is a full dining menu (this is a restaurant, after all), but beer is clearly the star of the show."

Coronation Park

Park • Niagara

"Coronation Park, Liberty Village by NUFF. Coronation Park offers running and cycling paths, a pretty active dog park, a softball diamond, and plenty of space for picnics. off-peak, it's a lovely place for a serene moment.Like much of the surrounding area, there are commemorative nods to Canada's military history—many of the trees themselves were planted in remembrance."

Liberty Village Market & Cafe

Cafe • South Parkdale

"Liberty Village Market & Cafe, Liberty Village by NUFF. At first glance an unassuming corner shop, this spot packs a solid culinary punch. With soups and stews to get you through the colder months, a Subway-style sandwich and wrap bar, and a full arsenal of hot and cold meals and beverages, you'll want to beat the rush hour crowd to this place. Oh, and bring an extra buck for avocado."

Demo Soap Studio

Store • Niagara

"Demo Soap, Liberty Village by NUFF. Demo Soap offer a frankly astonishing range of handmade, vegan-friendly soaps, bath salts, and cleanser-type stuff, made in their workshop in the back. The flavours range from sweet and fruity to woodsy and complex, and come in many different forms, like doughnuts and giant fortune cookies.Owner Thomas Tam collects vintage electronics, displaying many of his prized items around the store."


Food producer • Trinity Bellwoods

"Maizal Quesadilla Cafe, Liberty Village by NUFF. Liberty’s local Mexican joint serves up a tight, focused menu in a charming, cantina style space. Owners Ivan and Gabriela pay serious respect to the art, culture and history of the slightly less popular corn tortilla, which they make on-site, entirely from scratch.There’s a real focus on culture here, with educational art adorning the walls and frequent event nights. All ingredients are sourced sustainably, and where possible, locally. Maizal have partnered with a farm in Ontario to produce their own corn, and with educational institutions to expose students to their practices. Their efforts have been recognised with an award for agri-food innovation excellence.Grab a cactus salad and a chocolate tamal to round out your courses, and wash the whole thing down with horchata, micheladas, or of course, tequila. ¡Que rico!"

250 Fort York Blvd

Historic Site • Niagara

"Strachan Avenue Military Burying Ground, Liberty Village by NUFF. Just beside the Fort York National Historic Site lies a stretch of publicly accessible land, part cemetery, part park. The remains here are believed to belong to soldiers of the British Army and their families, who handed Fort York over to the Canadians in 1870. Smaller than the nearby Coronation Park, this is a great spot for a bit of peace and quiet.Enjoy the sight of Fort York's nineteenth century stylings juxtaposed against Toronto's downtown skyline."

Aunties & Uncles

Brunch restaurant • University

"Aunties & Uncles, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Honestly the coziest brunch spot you’ll find in Toronto, bar none. But also one of the busiest so get there early or be prepared to wait. (The ones you line up for are always the best, no?) The smell of honest to goodness good breakfast food wafts down the street and is even better when you walk in the door. The staff is super friendly, and the decor is loveably kitschy. They make a mean cappuccino and have a great selection of classic breakfast food. Nothing overly pretentious or contrived here - just goooooood stuff. Must eats: Breakfast Pocket, Croque Monsieur, Pan Bagnat."

Sneaky Dee's

Tex-Mex restaurant • Kensington-Chinatown

"Sneaky Dee's, Little Italy by Sid Lee. There’s a lot going on at Sneaky Dee’s. So many bands have graced the stage upstairs from unknown, up-and-coming, to super famous. There’s a bar close to the stage so you’ll never miss a beat. Guaranteed you’ll have a great time at any show you go see. Downstairs is a colourful, super graffitied bar and restaurant that makes arguably the city’s best nachos. (Death From Above Nachos are a personal fave, but if you can’t handle heat and are vegetarian/vegan, you’re covered too.) Tons of beers to choose from at great prices, and cocktails at a steal for $5.75. Never eat before you go, or just resign yourself to the fact that you WILL have a second dinner. It’s inevitable but oh so satisfying. Must eats: Death From Above Nachos, Greek Nachos, Pollo Adobo, Destroyer."

Snakes & Lattes College

Restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Snakes & Lattes, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Snakes & Lattes invented the board game cafe craze in Toronto and they’ve just moved into their huuuuuge space on College St. They were the ones who introduced Cards Against Humanity to Canadians and sell any and every expansion pack there is (even the "Bigger Blacker Box"). $5 to play for as long as your heart desires. Ample seating means you should bring a bunch of friends, and the collection of 1000+ familiar and unique games to choose from mean you should all stay for a couple of hours. They make excellent espresso drinks on their La Marzocco machine, have a big menu of soups, snacks, and sandwiches, and a surprisingly long list of beers on tap. Plus draught wine (!!!). Must plays: Werewolf, Telestrations, Codenames."

Bar Raval

Tapas bar • Trinity Bellwoods

"Bar Raval, Little Italy by Sid Lee. If Bar Raval was a person, it’d be a perfect 10. The newest place on College St. owned by national treasure Grant Van Gameren, this tapas bar not only has incredible eats but has the most incredible decor the city’s seen in years. The beautiful and hypnotizing woodwork that goes from ceiling to floor perfectly complements their many original cocktails and exquisite plates that wow the tastebuds. (We never talk about food this way, but you will once you've gone here.) Open for brunch, happy hour, straight through to last call. Always buzzing, a place to see and be seen. No reservations and mostly a standing bar with a few seats if you can steal them. Must eats: Octopus, Grilled Pork Belly, Stracciatella & Boquerones. Oh, and house-canned sardines. Need I say more?"


Clothing Store • Trinity Bellwoods

"Motoretta, Little Italy by Sid Lee. If you want to look and feel like one of those sexy Italians you see riding one of their scooters, this is the place for you. (And don’t pretend that you haven’t wanted to. We've all fantasized about it.) Despite its humble facade, there are a multitude of interesting brands, bikes, and scooters stocked in this boutique. The owners pride themselves on carrying only quality and offer year-round servicing for riders. Non-riders will top-quality brands like Filson, Alternative, Cheap Monday, and Red Wing represented among the racks of shelves. Prices are very, very good too. Honest to God, we always leave with something. (Hopefully a bike next time.)"

A3 Napoli

Pizza restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"A3 Napoli, Little Italy by Sid Lee. The scent of freshly made dough and seasonal vegetables being deep fried will stop you in your tracks. You can’t not resist. Then you find out they make fried mac n’ cheese (frittatina) and personal pizzas made to order and it’s a done deal. All the food served here is authentic to what you’d find on the streets in Southern Italy: its oven and Friggitrice (deep fryer) have been designed and handmade in Naples. No other restaurant in Canada has a pair of these beautiful machines.Must eats: Pizza Fritta, Battilocchio (a pizza you can hold in one hand), Zeppole."

California Sandwiches

Fast food restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"California Sandwiches, Little Italy by Sid Lee. A trip to Little Italy wouldn't be complete without a visit here. Many would argue that California Sandwiches is the geographical centre of Little Italy, but wouldn’t argue with it being the capital in spirit and stomach. Famous for their sandwich, it’s been voted, unequivocally, the BEST in Toronto. The first location opened here in 1967, and when you walk in little seems to have changed. Then you see a sandwich being prepared at the window seconds before it’s wrapped and given to you and you understand the magic and glory that surrounds this restaurant. 2 pieces of thinly cut and perfectly fried veal, steak, sausage, or eggplant on a fresh ciabatta bun. The Sweet Peppers, Rapini, and Provolone cheese are great adds, among others. They accommodate vegetarians too. It’s homemade sauce drips everywhere - you’re going to make a mess so just own it and revel in it. For $9.25 you get a whole lot of sandwich and you won’t be hungry for a while. (It’s also one of our hangover cures.)"

Monarch Tavern

Live music venue • Trinity Bellwoods

"Monarch Tavern, Little Italy by Sid Lee. A few steps down from College St. and Clinton, the Monarch Tavern has been a part of the community since 1927, and is one of the oldest bars in the city. A living monument to the Little Italy of old. You’d never think it, but it’s got one of the biggest, most robust bourbon collections in the city and has 15 Ontario craft beers on tap (giving those hipsters further west a run for their money). The upstairs is super chill with lots of places to sit, pool tables and pinball machines; where you want to be when all you want to do is have a few drinks with friends or make some new ones. Downstairs is a more energetic cocktail bar/lounge that opens up at night; where you’ll want to dance after you’ve had a few upstairs."

Bitondo Pizzeria

Pizza restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Bitondo's Pizzeria, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Virtually unchanged since it opened over 50 years ago, Bitondo’s is one of the few remaining hallmarks of the original Little Italy. You will never find anything there that’s not fresh - its heavenly food comes out of the oven very frequently. (When you ask to order things they'll tell you to just ask for it when you walk in.) Honestly, we’re not even big on pepperoni but there’s just something magical about how they make their pies - a slice is $3.50 and will make you ponder why you even went to one of the pizzeria chains that litter College St. If you’re lucky, there’ll be a fresh batch of panzos (a more portable pizza folded in half) and your choice of sandwiches. $10 buys you a lot of food, a full stomach, and a warmed heart. Must eats: Pepperoni Pizza, Cheese Panzo, Meatball Sandwich with Hot Sauce and Sweet Peppers."

The Walton

Bar • Trinity Bellwoods

"The Walton, Little Italy by Sid Lee. New to the neighbourhood, it’s fast becoming a weekly haunt with the locals - we come here at least 3x a week. In the mood to grab a paper or novel and have a coffee? This is your place. Fresh pastries and nibbles from The Tempered Room? This is your place. A drink and some food with a new or longtime love? This is also your place. As soon as you walk by you’re struck by the quaint and homey white exterior, and serenaded in by the jazz and swing music softly playing. The Walton just transitions so beautifully from morning to night, with an interesting list of delightfully potent cocktails and interesting charcuterie options. Must eats: Skagenröra, The Rosethorn, Coster’s Lost Wallet."

Empire Espresso

Cafe • Trinity Bellwoods

"Empire Espresso, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Empire Espresso is a new to the neighbourhood and offers up a very different experience - and coffee - than the other cafes on the street. Aesthetically inspired by Morocco and their ingrained coffee and tea culture, it feels like an oasis when you walk in. Plush cushions and furry and fluffy blankets adorn the seating area in the front, and ornate lanterns light the space. Their baked treats - all done in-house from scratch - line the counter; it’s hard to resist their spell so don’t even bother testing your willpower, just give in. All coffees and teas are specialty, and the barista will gladly give you a rundown of whatever the feature bean is that particular day or week. Must eats: all the treats, Americano, Cortado, Perfect Storm, Honey Bush tea."

Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe

Cafe • Trinity Bellwoods

"Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Another hallmark of Little Italy, the Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe has been a part of the community for over 50 years. Profoundly proud to be Sicilian, the shop radiates its love for its craft and Italy. Their gelato comes from a secret family recipe that’s been passed down from generations. You’ll find all the expected flavours (Bacio, Nociola Hazelnut) plus some unique and truly special ones (Zabajone, Rum & Raisin, Torrone Nougat). There is ample seating inside that spills out onto its large and perfectly situated sidewalk patio. In the summer it’s not uncommon to walk by at 11pm and see it completely filled with people indulging in the softest gelato Toronto has to offer...but it’s open year round and makes a mean coffee and sandwich, so any time is perfect to swing by. Must eats: Coppetta Fantasia, Amaretto Moka Tartufo, Nervosa crepe, Picante panini."

Bar Isabel

Spanish restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Bar Isabel, Little Italy by Sid Lee. One of two restaurants on College St. owned by chef Grant van Gameren, Bar Isabel has excited anyone with good taste since it opened 3 years ago. Although it’s not as difficult to get a table as it was then, definitely book through the site or over phone to secure a reservation. It's a great place for a first date, date night, dinner with the girls, or beer with the boys. Craft beer fanatics will geek out over their collection, cocktail drinkers will get their fill, and lovers of good food will salivate over pretty much everything. Must eats: Fried Rabbit, Whole Grilled Octopus & Potatoes, Roast Bone Marrow, Pan Con Jamón Ibérico de Bellota. (Photos of eats to come!)"

Paintlounge Toronto West

Party planner • Palmerston–Little Italy

"paintlounge, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Not every creative flexes their painting skills - that’s why you should hit up paintlounge for a session. Typically a very private activity, paintlounge is all about promoting social painting: encouraging, supporting, and motivating the people you go with. If you’re already inspired you can just go in and let your creativity lead the way. If you’re not inclined towards the visual arts (a beginner like the person writing this) you can go to a workshop where you’ll create a painting you’ll be proud to hang up in your place. (It worked for me!) There’s a bar in the back complete with espresso drinks, dozens of teas, and iced drinks to stay inspired."

The Candy Bar Toronto

Candy store • Palmerston–Little Italy

"The Candy Bar, Little Italy by Sid Lee. It’s as exciting a store for an adult as it is for a kid. Wall to wall candy from all over the world, and all high quality stuff. Bursting with colour and a very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful shop owner, it’s not hard to be pleasantly overwhelmed at The Candy Bar. (And also leave with a bag of candy that will surely give you a sugar hangover.) British candies abound here, and you’ll find pretty much everything: designer chocolate, bonbons, liquorice, crisps, lollies, gum, and soft drinks. Great to grab something for when you’re in a bad mood, a good mood, or to gift someone. Must eats: Baratti e Milano chocolate, Walkers crisps, Sky Bars."

Arts Market

Gift shop • Palmerston–Little Italy

"Arts Market, Little Italy by Sid Lee. If you want/like to support local creatives (you should, or else you wouldn’t be on this site) make sure to stop by the Arts Market and buy some of their wares. It's a brilliant concept: leases are kept short and rent is low so that burgeoning artists can take that first step and get some space to showcase their creations. It’s everything you’d expect in that the things you discover are unexpected, one-of-a-kind and rare finds. Scores of “stalls” throughout the long, 2 floor space feature everything from clay pot art, to vintage clothing, prints, painted olive furniture, to jewelry. The basement is dedicated to vintage furniture. 5 minutes of browsing can easily turn into a 1 hour session."

Bake Shoppe

Bakery • Beaconsfield

"The Bake Shoppe, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Apart from the beautiful wedding cakes and cupcakes that made it beloved by Torontonians, Bake Shoppe has some of the most inventive sweets, bars, tarts you’ll find in the city. A marshmallow square made of Ruffles chips instead of puffed rice - need I say more? (Uber now sells them as part of the Uber Eats daily specials, that's how popular they are now.) They also have Pop Tarts that are actually pretty filling and made with fresh jams and Nutella. Plus they have an eye-catching and evocative installation by painter Anser and comfortable seating to enjoy your treats. Or just sit on their multicoloured bench out front and people watch. Must eats: everything."

The Caledonian

Pub • Palmerston–Little Italy

"The Caledonian, Little Italy by Sid Lee. The number of malts and blends they carry: 250+. (If you’re a Scotch Whisky fan, you can stop reading here and go meet your fellow enthusiasts.) The Caledonian offers a true Scottish eating and drinking experience, with a ton of exclusive beers (the entire Innis & Gunn family) and the most authentic haggis this side of the Atlantic. An order of this savoury pudding containing sheep’s heart/liver/lungs is met with a “Good for you!” by the bubbly staff who know how daunting eating this dish can be. (Note: it’s a lot tastier than you’d think.) Warmly lit with a beautiful wood bar and focused menu all made with local and organic produce, The Caledonian feels like an upscale but also traditional public house you’d find in Scotland. Must eats: Scotch Eggs, House Sausage Rolls, Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, House-made Scottish Steak Pie."

Track & Field

Bar • Palmerston–Little Italy

"Track & Field, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Track & Field has fast become one of Toronto’s gems thanks to its huge space, inventive cocktails (some of which on tap), and of course its full bocce and shuffleboard lanes. It’s one of the rare places that satisfy people who love to dance, drink, talk, just love to play - everyone basically. Lots of comfortable seating, no cover. You can rent lanes for $40 per hour and are guaranteed entry (which is nice because after 10pm there’s often a line). The cocktails here not only have uber-relevant and hilarious names (Bae(sic), Straight Outta Brampton, Cinderella) but most are originals made by the fantastic bartenders they have on staff. You can also get wine, bubbly, porch crawlers, and 12 kinds of whisky. Must drink: all the things. A must visit when you're in Toronto."

La Fromagerie

Cheese shop • Palmerston–Little Italy

"La Fromagerie, Little Italy by Sid Lee. While it may be one of the lone non-Italian establishments on College St., it knows cheese better than anyone else. Now in its 11th year, La Fromagerie sells a dizzying array of cheeses from France, Quebec, Ontario, England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Corsica, and Greece. You name it, they probably have it. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about their products and will give you their full and absolutely undivided attention when helping you find the right pick for your meal or party; a high level of service we haven't experienced in many places outside of Europe. They also carry specialty breads, oils, vinegars, and meats to suggest perfect pairings and unlock the cheese's full flavour."

Blood & Bandages Barbershop

Barber shop • Palmerston–Little Italy

"Blood & Bandages, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Pappy, Blood & Bandages’ resident mascot and Schnoodle, always gives you a warm welcome you when you walk in for your cut. A fixture on College St. for the past 9 years, Blood & Bandages has developed a reputation as being one of the best barbershops in Toronto. Every member of the staff is skilled, precise, and super friendly. The shop is decorated with a surprising combination of taxidermy, vintage photos and posters, and sports trophies and figurines that makes you feel like you went back 50 years - except that people still listen to Biggie. Motown, old-school rock, soul, or hip-hop are all likely to be playing, giving the place a chill vibe that you just want your barber to have. All the pomade and pastes they use are specially-made in-house, and are just as good, if not better, than most premium salon products. (Plus you get compliments on how good you smell when you use them.) Whether you’re visiting Toronto, or permanently live here, it’s worth a visit - even if it’s just for a touch up."

Parts & Labour

Canadian restaurant • Old Toronto

"Parts & Labour, Parkdale by Format. Matty Matheson, executive chef of Parts & Labour, is known for his rogue personality as much as his cooking skills. When he’s not hosting his own show on VICE Munchies, he’s whipping up the kind of high-end Canadian cuisine that turned Parkdale into a culinary destination. In fact, P&L’s burger was voted the best in the city. Below the restaurant is The Shop, a venue that hosts everything from punk shows to comedy nights — including No No Pony, a monthly event where they play “Pony” by Ginuwine every hour, on the hour."

Duggan's Brewery Parkdale

Brewery • Old Toronto

"Duggan’s Brewery, Parkdale by Format. After 15 years of award-winning brewing, Duggan’s Brewery moved to Parkdale for a full restaurant experience. If you’re looking to quaff a lager and watch a game, this is one of the best spots on Queen West. They offer nine beers on tap, plus small-batches of specialty and seasonal brews. The menu offers wings and burgers, plus a few beer-themed items like Stout Crème Brûlée."

Frances Watson

Clothing store • Old Toronto

"The Future of Frances Watson, Parkdale by Format. Inspired by early feminists and wild daredevils, clothing shop The Future of Frances Watson is known for high-quality basics mixed with standout pieces that you never knew you wanted. There’s stuff for men and women, including Outclass, Naked and Famous, Penfield and Neuw Denim."

Studio Brillantine

Gift shop • Old Toronto

"Studio Brillantine, Parkdale by Format. Like a cross between a magpie’s nest and a designer’s daydream, Studio Brillantine is an eclectic blend of high and low, iconic and kitschy pieces. Find high-end, elegant accessories, quirky household goods and collectible toys, all under one roof, eccentrically arranged in a feast for the eyes."

The Tempered Room

Patisserie • South Parkdale

"The Tempered Room, Parkdale by Format. A heartbreakingly beautiful cafe with equally exquisite baked goods. Owned by Bertrand Alépée, one of Toronto’s finest pastry chefs, The Tempered Room is a peaceful place to people-watch or get some work done — with a soup bowl-sized latte, of course."

Grand Electric

Mexican restaurant • Old Toronto

"Grand Electric, Parkdale by Format. When it first opened, the line-up was three hours long to get a table. Five years later, Grand Electric has become a Parkdale institution. It's a casual place to eat tacos and listen to hip-hop, with delicious food and zippy cocktails. Also check out its sister restaurant, Electric Mud BBQ, nearby on Brock Ave."

Kitten and the Bear

Gourmet grocery store • Beaconsfield

"Kitten and the Bear, Parkdale by Format. This quaint jam shop features small-batch preserves made with seasonal, local ingredients. Find new takes on classic flavors, like Ontario Concord Grape & Violet, Zebra Lemon Marmalade, Ontario Peach and Basil & Lime. In the sunny front room, you can have a mini “High Tea” experience and sample jams with scones and clotted cream, or order from the counter to take your tea to go!"

Jinks Art Factory

Coffee shop • Old Toronto

"Jinks Art Factory, Parkdale by Format. Jinks Art Factory might be the only place in the city that's a combination of coffee shop, tattoo parlor and art gallery. Owned by identical twin sisters, Jen, a tattoo artist, zaps customers in the back of the store while Sarah makes lattes up front. It's a favorite among locals; maybe because it's got the perfect window seat for people-watching."

77 Florence St

Building • Beaconsfield

"Coriander Girl, Parkdale by Format. Get a dose of rustic charm in Coriander Girl’s bright, airy space, filled with gorgeous plants from tiny succulents to lush fig trees. Watch as the in-house florists create stunning arrangements in mason jars and try to learn a thing or two. A perfect spot to pick up a casual bouquet or for larger event projects."

Hideaway Antiques

Antique store • Old Toronto

"Hideaway, Parkdale by Format. Almost as much a museum as it is a shop, some of the antiques at Hideaway are so rare that they’re only available for rental. From a stripped-down glider plane to Victorian-era medical equipment, you’ll find true one-of-a-kind treasures here. Owner Bill Jarman has been in the business for many years, and also supplies fixtures for restaurants, clubs and restaurants."

The Queen West Antique Centre

Furniture store • South Parkdale

"Queen West Antique Centre, Parkdale by Format. Their focus on mid-century furniture in excellent condition sets the Queen West Antique Centre apart, and as you walk past the displays of retro living rooms and dining rooms, it can feel like a step backward into the past. Keep your eyes open for rare Herman Miller, Hans Olson, Pierre Paulin, Eames and Arne Jacobsen pieces."


Antique store • Old Toronto

"1698 Queen Antiques, Parkdale by Format. Spanning over 8,000 square feet, 1698 Queen Antiques is an endless expanse of curiosities and classic pieces. Wandering down the aisles and through the basement, you’ll find everything from mid-century teak furniture to Victorian-era industrial equipment."

96 Tears Vintage

Vintage clothing store • Old Toronto

"96 Tears Vintage, Parkdale by Format. 96 Tears is a vintage store for wearable fashion — a place where you can find your new favourite outfit, head-to-toe. All of the pieces have a distinct, nostalgic aesthetic but the wide variety, from plaid to leather to fur, means that there’s something to suit any style. The assortment of men’s and women’s clothing was hand-picked by owners Colette Todoroff and Christopher Koyionis, who also have a sewing studio at the back of the shop for creating one-of-a-kind garments."

Easy Restaurant

Brunch restaurant • South Parkdale

"Easy Restaurant, Parkdale by Format. This diner’s Easy Rider theme extends to their laid-back vibe, the retro movie posters on the walls and the vintage folk, rock and soul on the speakers. All-day breakfast and bottomless coffee makes Easy the perfect brunch spot for late risers, especially since there’s rarely a wait for a table. Try tasty, filling Mexican breakfast dishes like the spicy Huevos Divorciados with ancho jam."

Sylvie and Shimmy

Women's clothing store • Old Toronto

"Sylvie and Shimmy, Parkdale by Format. Owners Sylvie and Shimmy met in fashion school, where they realized they shared a dream of one day opening a boutique that felt like a girl’s dream closet. Their little gem of a store is as pretty and cozy as your most stylish friend’s apartment, featuring an assortment of small-quantity imports from Korea, draped over unique vintage furnishings and fixtures."

North Standard Trading Post - Office

Photography studio • Old Toronto

"North Standard Trading Post, Parkdale by Format. North Standard specializes in cozy Canadiana-made-modern, from neon-painted canoe paddles to vintage-style pennants emblazoned with the names of local neighborhoods. Find rugged, well-made unisex clothing and accessories from Toronto indie brands like Muttonhead, as well as classics like Hudson’s Bay and Pendleton."

Toronto Designers Market

Store • South Parkdale

"Toronto Designers Market, Parkdale by Format. Started by local gallery owner Joshua James, Toronto Designers Market is a new addition to the neighborhood. Each month, the space features a unique, rotating selection of local artisans’ work available for immediate purchase, including everything from floral bow ties to handmade soap, custom neon signs and reclaimed wood tables."

Glory Hole Doughnuts

Donut shop • Old Toronto

"Glory Hole Doughnuts, Parkdale by Format. Despite their cheeky name, Glory Hole take their donuts seriously. Within their brightly painted, Canadiana-themed shop (complete with snowshoes on the wall), you can sample delectable flavours like PB&J, Hibiscus Rose or even Toast and Butter. Glory Hole also offers vegan-friendly and gluten-free options that you’ll be sure to love, so opt for that full dozen, and grab a coffee or seasonal iced tea to wash them down."

Loga's Corner

Tibetan restaurant • South Parkdale

"Loga’s Corner, Parkdale by Format. Vegetarians, rejoice! At Loga’s Corner, you can swap out the traditional beef momos for their equally delicious veggie or potato alternatives. You won’t be able to resist joking that you want some “mo’ mo’” of these delicious Tibetan dumplings. That said, if it’s your first time here, make sure to go easy on their famous hot sauce."

Common Sort - Parkdale

Clothing store • South Parkdale

"Common Sort, Parkdale by Format. Toronto is a thrift shopping destination, and Common Sort is a testament to that. From wicked vintage finds to the latest trends, this Parkdale consignment shop keeps a perfectly curated selection for every season. The best part? You can sell your own pre-loved items for cash or store credit. Trade those high-waisted light washed Levi’s for a coach’s jacket that’s back in style — or buy them back once you miss the way they made your butt look."

Capital Espresso

Cafe • South Parkdale

"Capital Espresso, Parkdale by Format. Part coffee shop, part artspace, Capital Espresso is a spot where you can grab a quick coffee or pull up a chair for hours. The cafe features different local artists’ work every month — and even has a coin-operated vending machine in the front of the shop so you can take some of it home with you. Their baristas are known not only for their impeccable coffee slinging skills (we recommend you try the espresso), but also for their killer music choices."

Crown Flora Studio

Gift shop • South Parkdale

"Crown Flora, Parkdale by Format. Offering a range of greenery, from cacti and succulents to giant tropical palms, Crown Flora’s formerly industrial space has been completely transformed into a leafy paradise. With designer plants, pots and local goods for sale, they also host intimate terrarium workshops in-shop. Bring your friends (or make new ones) as you learn the ins and outs of botanical design — then take home all your beautiful work."

Sud Forno

Bakery • Trinity Bellwoods

"Sud Forno, Queen West by Kindred Studio. Part of the Terroni "famiglia", Sud Forno merges classic Italian ingredients with modern sensibilities. Stop in for gelato and sit in the window, watching busy Queen West go by, or take a slice of authentic Roman-style pizza or some of their delectable baked goods upstairs to the family-style dining table. It tends to fill up, but thankfully there's a semi-secret patio to spill out onto during the busy summer months. Or possibly, take a peak inside simply to marvel at the gorgeous marble mosaic floor."

Sam James Coffee Bar PARK

Coffee shop • Niagara

"Sam James Coffee Bar, Queen West by Kindred Studio. Sam James is synonymous with the return to small batch roasting and damn fine coffee in Toronto. The newest location is situated across from ever-popular Trinity Bellwoods Park after the rather sad shuttering of their previous Ossington location. Thankfully, it hasn't stopped James and the Cut Coffee roastery from making a home in our fair city. Stop in to refuel on a Queen West shopping quest or on your way to sit amongst the crowds (both human and canine) in the park."

Sam James Coffee Bar PARK

Coffee shop • Niagara

"Sam James Coffee Bar, Queen West by Kindred Studio. Sam James is synonymous with the return to small batch roasting and damn fine coffee in Toronto. The newest location is situated across from ever-popular Trinity Bellwoods Park after the rather sad shuttering of their previous Ossington location. Thankfully, it hasn't stopped James and the Cut Coffee roastery from making a home in our fair city. Stop in to refuel on a Queen West shopping quest or on your way to sit amongst the crowds (both human and canine) in the park."

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

Pizza restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"North of Brooklyn Pizzeria, Queen West by Kindred Studio. If there's a Toronto-style pizza, we've never heard of it. We know one thing for sure, though: Toronto loves pizza, no matter the style or origin. If Canadians are known for always talking about the weather, Torontonians are known for constantly debating who has the best slice in the city. Consider this our vote. Just North of Queen West on Palmerston Avenue, North of Brooklyn Pizzeria wants every day to be a Pizza Party Day. Enjoy seriously good slices with a cold beer and admire the kitschy memorabilia on the walls."

Cafe Neon QSW

Cafe • Trinity Bellwoods

"Cafe Neon, Queen West by Kindred Studio. The Queen West Cafe Neon is an all-day affair. It's more focused on espresso, fresh juice, and simple but delicious eats than late night drinks like their Bloor Street counterpart. Don't let the small storefront fool you, however, there's plenty of space in the dining room at the back to spread out with a laptop and stay for a while. Thumbs up: house-made lemonade & quiche Lorraine. Thumbs down: "Devil's Nectar" (Coke + espresso)."

Gladstone House

Hotel • Beaconsfield

"The Gladstone Hotel, Queen West by Kindred Studio. The Gladstone Hotel is Toronto's oldest continually operating hotel and it's unlike any hotel you've stayed in before. The Gladstone is equal parts hotel, hub, and gallery, fitting in seamlessly with Queen West's vibrant and artistic community. Come take in an art installation on urban planning and design, stay for a drink in the Melody Bar, spend the night in one of the artist-designed rooms, or check out one of the many events and workshops they host including Adult Colouring night, Life Drawing classes, or Music Bingo."

Drake General Store

General store • Beaconsfield

"The Drake General Store, Queen West by Kindred Studio. As they are constantly asserting, The Drake Hotel has nothing to do with a certain local hip hop celebrity. In fact, they were here first and are arguably more prolific, having recently branched out with a hotel & restaurant in Prince Edward County and General Store locations in Ottawa and Vancouver, on top of their 5 Toronto locations + a partnership with Good Neighbour in Leslieville. The original Drake General Store on Queen West at Beaconsfield is fashioned after a traditional hotel gift store and finds itself somewhere between flea market and cottage country rest stop. Always smart, funny and eye catching, it's worth stopping in just for the nostalgia."


Butcher shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"Cumbrae's, Queen West by Kindred Studio. Being more or less surrounded by Ontario's fertile Greenbelt, many shops and restaurants in Toronto have strong ties to and relationships with the farmers and communities that raise and grow the foods they source. Cumbrae's is no exception, featuring a wide selection of high-quality, locally-sourced meats, cheeses, and more. Find everything from dry aged beef to mouth-watering prepared meals, sauces, and preserves. Cumbrae's also boasts an impeccably-designed interior with branding and packaging to match, all done by local studio Blok Design. If you're looking to pick up dinner on the way home, we recommend the beef short rib lasagna or pork confit and truffle mac & cheese."

Cosmos West Records

Record store • Trinity Bellwoods

"Cosmos West Records, Queen West by Kindred Studio. Like many local businesses in Toronto this hidden gem of a record store has both an East and West end location. Tucked away just off Queen West on Palmerston Avenue, Cosmos West Records specializing in Jazz, Brazilian, Cuban, and other rare grooves. Vinyl has come back in a big way and Cosmos is there making sure no one forgets some of the funkiest LPs ever pressed."


Boutique • Niagara

"Brika, Queen West by Kindred Studio. At Brika, conscientious consumerism is a core tenet. Stocking the best in modern craft, Brika searches all over North America for artisans and creatives making heirloom quality pieces. Whether buying for yourself or for someone else, you'll enjoy your time in this bright and cheerful shop."

Merchants Of Green Coffee

Coffee shop • South Riverdale

"Merchants Of Green Coffee, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. Committed to sustainability, Merchants of Green Coffee is a beacon for ethical coffee practices. They import their beans green and process them using renewable energy. Their exclusive blend is called Cafe Solar®, and opt to sell their products at local farmer's markets. Merchants of Green has a ridiculous amount of programming - from workshops on the origins of coffee, to roasting and home brewing. They also offer cuppings to refine your palette and learn the distinctions between different single origin beans. They have a massive, full-service café with space for lounging, catching up with a pal, or settling in for an afternoon of work. They also sell home brew equipment, and offer a Fresh Coffee Network club. If that weren't enough, they also have a 3000 sqft loft space that they rent out for special events of the corporate meeting and wedding variety."

Quince Flowers

Florist • South Riverdale

"Quince Flowers, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. Every neighbourhood needs a Quince. They have beautiful fresh-cut blooms for take-home or delivery. They also style flowers for weddings and events, as well as provide support for small gardens. And their houseplant collection leaves us green with envy, with everything from ficus trees to cacti, snake plants, hanging plants, and an abundance of succulents. They carry tons of accessories like trimming scissors and misters, as well as pots. The only risk is that you will probably definitely get the urge to turn your home into a forest. Good luck!"

Bonjour Brioche

Bakery • South Riverdale

"Bonjour Brioche, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. Bonjour Brioche has a no fuss, small town vibe, and holds the secret to perfect laminated dough. In addition to having the Best Croissant In Town (according to NOW Magazine's People CHoise Awards), they have the most delicious quiche, french bread, and desserts within a five block radius. They are essentially a full scale bakery as well as a restaurant, so needless to say everyone is in a hurry. Expect a line-up for brunch on the weekends - but it will be well worth it."

Switchback Cyclery

South Riverdale

"Switchback Cyclery, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. If you're a cyclist, these people are your Tribe. The folks at Switchback are a gaggle of adorable bike nerds who want to share their knowledge, hear all about your ride, and support your accessory habit. They do a lot of bike repairs, and are in the midst of renovating their already-beautiful shop. They'll also do a 'collaborative build,' which is essentially an educational session where they impart their wisdom and help you help yourself build the custom bike you've always dreamed of. They are super spirited, serious aficionados, and super sincere. They are stocked with parts, accessories, fancy jerseys and apparel, and everything else you could possible need. Bring your bike in for a tune-up or take this season's Raleigh out for a joy ride."

Common Sort - Riverside

Clothing store • South Riverdale

"Common Sort, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. Vintage clothing store, with a great eye for textures and vintage classics. They have sizeable shoe and handbag collections. I'm not sure what it is about Riverside, but it tends to not be too picked over which is nice. They buy used items too, and you'll get 50% in store credit, or 25% if you opt for the cold hard cash. A big part of the Common Sort magic is having choosey buyers, and staff are all super friendly."

Tiny Record Shop

Record store • South Riverdale

"Tiny Record Shop, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. Nestled inside the Token gift shop lives a tiny little record shop. In that shop, which is really just a raised platform with a bunch of neatly organized wooden shelves and crates, lives an awesome little record collection. With a modest collection ranging that is equal parts recent tunes and oldies, the Tiny Record Shop carries boasts a nice jazz selection and a great deal of classic rock, reggae, ska. They get some high-caliber vintage classics fairly often, so it's worth popping in often if you're in the neighbourhood. They also cary select tickets for shows."

Tabule Middle Eastern Cuisine

Middle Eastern restaurant • South Riverdale

"Tabule, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. Super savoury, warm, and authentic Lebanese comfort food. The emphasis at Tabule is on fresh herbs, balanced flavours, and super filling meals. Portion sizes are generous, very much like you would expect when you visit your middle eastern grandmother for dinner. They also rock an impressive wine list, some super tasty cocktails, and feature BYOB nights on Mondays and Tuesdays. The restaurant is beautifully designed, with stylized wall-mounted lighting, lots of light, arabic signage and trinkets, and a rich colour palette throughout. Vegetarians are well looked after here."


Home Furniture Shop • South Riverdale

"Guff, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. This vintage furniture shop came from humble beginnings in a small Queen East storefront. They have an eye for picking out gorgeous mid-century pieces, have a bustling in-house reupholstery operation, and have even graduated to making their own pieces. They specialize in mid-century Scandinavian design, with a mix of industrial and contemporary influence. Less trinkets, more typewriters, old projectors, and vintage film equipment. They also post the majority of their inventory online, which is super helpful. The real beauties are snapped up, so hovering on the website is key."

Boxcar Social

Cafe • South Riverdale

"Boxcar Social, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. This is pretty much as close to perfection as it gets. Outstanding, perfectly brewed third-wave coffee in the daytime, and beautifully curated wine and whiskey lists at night. The space is absolutely stunning, with custom-build salvaged wood and exposed copper piping throughout. These guys Get coffee, with a heavy rotation of beans from roasters like The Barn, 49th Parallel, George Howell, etc. Ask any of their baristas and they will give you a thorough rundown of everything they're brewing, with zero pretension. Sweets are often care/of Bakeshop in the west end (pop tarts and blow-torched marshmellows, anyone?). Respec' for the establishment that designs the bathroom with the same attention to detail as every other part of their establishment."


Coworking space • South Riverdale

"East Room, Riverside by Medina Abdelkader. A decrepit warehouse overlooking the onramp to the DVP, East Room is the ultimate product of gentrification. It's the stunning collision of grit and design. The brothers behind East Room have curated a space that brings together freelancers of the design, writing, cooking, content creation, futurist, and strategy variety. It's a bright, modern space with a slightly masculine flair, plenty of greenery, and almost museum-grade design features sprinkled throughout. It boasts several levels of membership; from general members with access to all the common areas, to designated desks with small separators, and fully private, semi-furnished offices. It's coworking for the aesthetically-inclined; and they throw an amazing party."

Livestock Roncesvalles

Shoe store • High Park-Swansea

"Livestock, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. A true original that brings specialized streetwear influenced by urban culture to the Roncy strip. It's not unusual to see a tribe sneaker heads camped out front in anticipation of the latest NIKE release. Inside, rows of coveted kicks sit like royalty on illuminated surfaces. The space itself is a contemporary design dream. Head to the back to see Livestock's exclusive house brand of hyper-functional and innovative sportswear, Illustrated Example. Basically, check it out or miss out."


Bakery • Old Toronto

"Fantail, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. A different cafe option that presents a massive problem: Sweet or savoury? The baked goods are out of this world, and (hot tip) their honest muffin (first photo) sells out on the daily. Whatever you fancy, all options are a great balance of health-conscious and "live your life!" The space itself is casual, lovely and elegant, with beautiful seafoam-blueish wallpaper spanning an entire side. Patrons are more likely to be reading a book or having a chat versus surfing the web. For coffee or lunch without a sea of laptops, Fantail hits the spot."

476 Roncesvalles Ave

High Park-Swansea

"Stasis Preserves Deli & Pantry, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. Closely connected to a network of Canadian farmers and artisan producers, Stasis makes it easy for all of us to eat honest food. Try their homemade, all-natural preserves with a piece of artisanal cheese, salumi, locally-made bread and more. Direct, fair-trade and organic goodness fills this cozy shop that feels like a small-town wonder. That's pretty wonderful, don't you think?"

Gloria Espresso Bar & Cafe

Espresso bar • High Park-Swansea

"Gloria, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. Dear glorious Gloria. You make delicious espressos feel cozy with the records you spin. You are nice people who smile. You bring famous Montreal bagels to Toronto. You think of others with your raw and Earl Grey oat bars too. You are generous with free WiFi and allspice that sells artists' drawings. You are making it impossible to feel a single ounce of dislike."

Coal Miner's Daughter

Clothing store • Old Toronto

"Coal Miner's Daughter, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. Two #ladybosses run this shop. One of which is the great granddaughter of Rose, a real coal miner's daughter. Great Grandma Rose also worked at a dress company back in the 30s. Today she'd likely be proud to know the legacy lives on, at a women's fashion boutique on Roncy. The shop has a love for local including makers and designers of mainly the jewelry, clothing, and handbag variety. A few Danish and Parisian labels were spotted as well, which is certainly always welcome."


Gift shop • High Park-Swansea

"Scout, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. Scout is a locavore meets Etsy-lover's dream. You can find local and handmade jewellery, artisan soaps, small press paper goods, illustrated stationery, fun books, kid-things, homewares, and all sorts of great gifting ideas. Spend some time and snoop around."

La Cubana

Cuban restaurant • High Park-Swansea

"La Cubana, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. Casual Cuban-inspired brunch or lunch or dinner. Or for no other reason than needing more pressed Cubanos in your life which is basically, always. Bring a date. Bring Mom. Bring yourself! The menu features plenty of veggie options and drinks that call for round two, or three. Avocado is extra but you already knew that."

Village Juicery

Juice shop • Old Toronto

"Village Juicery, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. Grab your main squeeze and share a cold-pressed, 100% organic, nutritionist-approved, raw juice. Blends are sold by the glass bottle or try what’s fresh on tap. Take a seat at the beautiful, white, marble-topped bar with copper tap that proves juicing is sexy."

Likely General

Gift shop • Old Toronto

"Likely General, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. Recognized by Kinfolk magazine, Likely General is a carefully curated general shop for those who appreciate nicely designed objects. Expect an indie-hippie vibe from the merch: Candles and crystals promise healing energy. Pretty prints and handmade pottery. Lingerie for her. Tees for all. Leather goods for those with cash to burn. You’ll more than likely find something to lust and love. Be forewarned: bring your plastic."

Reunion Coffee Roasters

Cafe • Old Toronto

"Reunion Island Coffee Bar, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. Sun-filled coffee shop with chill vibes and killer brew that’s sustainably and ethically sourced. Reunion Island's menu also features a few well-selected teas and delicious baked goods. It’s a laid back spot with a great playlist to hang to, and plenty of Wi-Fi to Insta-creep, or work, or both."

Benna's Bakery & Deli

Bakery • Old Toronto

"Benna's, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. Straight outta Polska bakery & deli offering just about everything Baba-approved. Polish whispers linger by cases filled with freshly baked cheesecakes, apple torts, plum donuts, babkas and more. Sauerkraut, pickles, herring, kielbasa, pierogies and all sorts of imported (and local) goods are stocked to the brim. Go hungry. Leave happy."

373 Roncesvalles Ave

Building • Old Toronto

"Ardith, Roncesvalles by Sarah Di Domenico. Contemporary workout gear every Super Human can get sweaty and look like a total badass in. Various labels bring a cool aesthetic to high performance outfits that easily bring the street-style. Ardith also carries beautiful leather bags, jewelry, accessories, footwear and fresh juices. Check out the art installation in the window while you’re at it."

Diana Meat Groceries

Fruit and vegetable store • Corso Italia-Davenport

"Diana Grocery, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Walk into the world of delicious Italian cheeses, pasta, sauces and other delicacies imported from our favourite boot-shaped country! The neighborhood grocery store also specializes in fresh produce, meats, deli food and of course, Italian hospitality. Buy some cheese, try deli snacks and wash it down with some delicious Italian Crodino!"

St. Clare's Roman Catholic Church

Catholic church • Corso Italia-Davenport

"St. Clare Parish, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Designed by Arthur W. Holmes, St. Clare's has come to be recognized as one of the city's architectural gems because of its age, stature, and because it is one of the few churches in Toronto built in the Renaissance Revival style. It was placed in the City of Toronto's Inventory of Heritage Properties in 1992. Inside there is an abundance of religious art, such as sculptures, stained-glass windows, ceiling ornaments and wall motifs that can inspire some very classy patterns. However, the most beautiful piece of art is the organ on the gallery."

Tea +

Cafe • Corso Italia-Davenport

"Tea+, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Enjoy hot, cold or bubble tea from all over the world in a cozy space with delicious treats. You can find a wide variety of loose-leaf teas and accessories like teapots, mugs, bowls, and traditional tea-steeping instruments for your home or for your favourite tea fanatic friend."

The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder

Barbecue restaurant • Wychwood

"The Stockyards, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. The place every burger lover should visit when in Toronto. The small space gives you an intimate view of your food being cooked but it also means waiting in line sometimes due to the restaurant's popularity. The decor is kind of rustic and unpretentious and the best things on the menu are: everything. This is not an exaggeration—everything they serve is the best. It’s just a matter of what you’re in the mood for, and if you don’t know then always order the burger. It’s a good place to start. Pro-tip: call ahead, order take out, pick-up the food, walk down to Wytchwood barns and eat in the park."

Starving Artist

Restaurant • Corso Italia-Davenport

"Starving Artist, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. The second location of the well known Toronto brunch spot and mecca of waffles. It's a busy restaurant with a waffle option for every taste. You're into savoury potato waffles? They got you. You're in the classic sweet stuff? They got you. Brunch? With Eggs? Lunch? Dinner? They. Got. You! And while you're enjoying your food you can also stare at waffle art on the wall. Vegan and gluten free options available."

Sea Witch Fish and Chips

Fish & chips restaurant • Wychwood

"Sea Witch Fish & Chips, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Other than an amazing name, Sea Witch Fish & Chips features prettily drawn typography and flourishes on the windows that has a nautical look and feel. For food, they have a deliciously crispy golden fillet of cod, among other deep fried fish, and a hardy fish chowder. Everything about this place feels true—the wooden booths resemble the furniture you would find on a cod fishing boat. This is the perfect spot to chill after work with a pint and some food. Awesome detail: the side of the bar features all the albums you listen to in the 90’s."

Roast Fine Foods

Butcher shop • Wychwood

"Roast, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Roast is a Fine Food Market offering top-grade organic or naturally-raised raw meats, chef-prepared gourmet take-home meals and friendly service. If you don’t know what you’re cooking and you also don’t know how to cook, these guys will help you pick and give you advice on how to best enjoy their product. Actually, they care so much about what they offer that they hold wine and beer tastings every first Saturday of the month, where all are welcomed to come in and try the food and beverages while shopping. They also carry a wide variety of high-quality fine food products. Excellent spot to get some packaging research while you shop!"

Playful Minds

Toy store • Wychwood

"Playful Minds, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Playful Minds is a small independent toy shop for the young and the young at heart. They carry a variety of puzzles, dolls, board games, toys and books that aim to instigate creativity, learning and fun. They hold small community events and celebrate Neighbourhood Toy Store Day every year! Make your way to the back of the store for some of the cutest dress-up costumes ever."

Olive Oil Emporium

Gourmet grocery store • Wychwood

"Olive Oil Emporium, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Have you ever wondered what strawberry flavoured olive oil tastes like? You can find out at the Olive Emporium Tasting Bar where you can try one or all of their extra virgin and flavoured olive oils, and vinegars. You can also find olives and olive pates from around the globe as well as a great selection of recipe books. And for the olive oil enthusiast who has it all, you can find olive tree housewares, olive oil skin care and soaps and of course a variety of olive oil dispensers."

Astra Salon

Beauty salon • Corso Italia-Davenport

"Astra Salon, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. A late 50’s inspired, full service salon and haircare retail space with beautiful vintage furniture pieces. There are a few salon chairs and chaise longs from Curtis of Canada, an old salon furniture manufacturer (the owner has a Catalogue in her possession) and pieces that were found in antique markets, fairs and even the side of the road. Everything was tied up together with the custom bars from Heartwood Architectural products. Get your hair did and talk about furniture design. Saturday bliss."

Stella's Lunch box

Cafe • Corso Italia-Davenport

"Lunch Box, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Looking for a cosy spot to read a book? This is for you. Lunch Box provides tasty sandwiches and treats. It has a homey atmosphere and the walls feature art from local artists. Bonus! Fun little trinkets are sprinkled here and there for you to look at and take photos of while you're snacking."


Bakery • Wychwood

"Leah's, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. One of the first treats you’ll find on Saint Clair West is Leah’s bakery. Walking in you’ll feel like you’re going in a candy store from the 50’s, but Leah’s has so much to offer. Baked goods, sweets, snack food, and picnic food are accompanied by a good espresso and other tasty beverages. My personal favourite are the little packs of mixed biscotti ends!"

Krave Coffee

Coffee shop • Wychwood

"Krave Coffee, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Delicious coffee and treats served in a rustic setting featuring exposed brick, wooden tops and vintage coffee ads. Krave Coffee is a great choice for sitting in the front area to catch up with a friend or catching up on some work in the back. Get your coffee with a side of brownies and if you visit in the summer, check out their sweet patio!"


Home goods store • Wychwood

"ecoexistance, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Ecoexistence was designed with the modern household in mind. The shop might seem busy but as you go around you'll notice it's pretty well sectioned with each section corresponding to a room of the house. This is not your average environmentally friendly store that you usually visit to buy gifts because you can pretty much shop for anything for your home other than groceries and furniture."

1219 St Clair Ave W

Building • Corso Italia-Davenport

"Consiglio's Kitchenware & Gift, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Consiglio's is a staple when it comes to kitchenware. They've been around since the mid 70s, providing Corso Italia and the west side of Toronto with the best espresso makers, a wide range of Italian packaged coffee beans, pasta makers, meat grinders and anything else a good Italian (or any) kitchen needs. It’s also a great place to look at some old-school logos."

ChocoSol Traders

Chocolate artisan • Corso Italia-Davenport

"ChocoSol, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Found in 2004 in Mexico, ChocoSol is a company committed to providing excellent vegan, gluten free and dairy free chocolate while maintaining a horizontal trading policy by partnering up with Indigenous communities of Southern Mexico. They aim to educate people not only on chocolate but food politics and trade in general. All their chocolate is handmade in small batches in their Saint Clair location where they also host small tastings and workshops regularly (visit their website for the schedule). Go for the chocolate and stay for the amazing, friendly staff and the great conversations you'll have on chocolate, food and social innovation."

Prospect Cemetery

Cemetery • Corso Italia-Davenport

"Prospect Cemetery & Mausoleum, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. Prospect Cemetery is one of the biggest cemeteries in Toronto and a great open space to take a walk in. However, the best reason to visit is the mausoleum. It's hard to get in the enclosed ones, but if you see someone going in, try to slip by. And if you can’t, the outdoors one is still very much worth it. There are endless walls of photos in between brass angels, Jesus and Holy Mary figurines, interrupted by luscious and sometimes very tacky bouquets of flowers. The walls intertwine and create a colourful macabre labyrinth."

Baker and Scone

Bakery • Wychwood

"Baker and Scone, Saint Clair West by Equal Parts Studio. The moment you walk into Baker and Scone you find yourself wrapped up in a swirl of sweet and comforting scents. And that's because the scones are made in-shop daily. Their menu is very large and they feature different flavours every day. This will make you want to visit again and again. Go in to grab some scones and a coffee to go, or stick around in the cutsie cozy space. I have yet to try one I didn't enjoy, but Buttermilk Double Vanilla, Triple Onion and Fresh Blueberry Vanilla are my personal choice."

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Ice cream shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"Bang Bang Ice Cream, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. This ice cream shop is making some of the most delicious treats you will ever taste. Small batch ice cream flavours that are made in house. Choose your favourite flavour and put it between two delicious cookies or grab a classic sugar cone if that's more your speed. There will most likely be a line out the door, but believe me when I say it is worth the wait."

The Lucky Penny General Store and Cafe

Gourmet grocery store • Trinity Bellwoods

"The Lucky Penny Cafe, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. The Lucky Penny isn't your typical corner store. This Bellwoods gem has you covered at all times of day. Whether you're stocking up on dinner items or grabbing some ice cream on a sunny summer day, you'll be sure to find what you came for and a whole lot more."

The Spice Trader & The Olive Pit

Food products supplier • Trinity Bellwoods

"The Spice Trader, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. When you enter The Spice Trader your nose is immediately greeted with aromas from the most exotic places on earth. The staff is incredibly friendly and love to speak about the origins of the spices and how they best compliment certain dishes and cuisines."

The Grow-Op Juice Bar & Eatery

Vegan restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"The Grow Op, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. The Grow Op offers a wide variety of delicious and healthy smoothies, cold pressed juices, salads and kombucha. If you need an energy boost and aren't in the mood for a coffee I highly recommend you grab a smoothie and get yourself jazzed up."

Tokyo Smoke Bellwoods Coffee

Coffee shop • Niagara

"Tokyo Smoke, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Founded by a former Google employee, Tokyo Smoke brings coffee, clothing, and cannabis culture together in a space that was once the loading dock of a former tobacco factory. Here you will find hand-picked locally roasted coffees, fresh juices, sandwiches and pastries alongside the best gear for storing and smoking cannabis. Be prepared for an inviting, warm space that smells like heaven."

Pizzeria Libretto

Pizza restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Pizzeria Libretto, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Libretto is hands down one of my favourite pizza places in the city. Thin crust and fresh ingredients. They also have a certification from the Italian government to make pizzas, so you know they're legit. Put the chilli aioli on your favourite pie and turn things up a notch."

Bobbie Sue's Mac + Cheese

Meal delivery • Trinity Bellwoods

"Bobbie Sue's Mac + Cheese, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Your box of Kraft dinner aint got nothin' on Bobbie Sue's. A recent addition to the Ossington strip, this hotspot is the ultimate in comfort food. Get the pulled pork mac'n'cheese and it will forever change your life and possibly your waist size."


Korean restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Odd Seoul, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. This discrete little spot along the Ossington strip has some of the best late-night plates and signature cocktails in the city. Try the "Lucy" while sipping on an "Odd Fashioned" and you won't be disappointed."

Cocktail Emporium

Shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"BYOB, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Everything you knew about your home bar is wrong. Enter BYOB and you'll quickly realize you need to step up your cocktail game. With over 150 different bitters and multiple shelves of new and vintage glassware and accessories, BYOB has everything you need to impress and entertain the guests at your next event."

Nadège Patisserie

Dessert shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"Nadège, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Have a craving for something sweet? Grab a box of assorted macarons and you will not be disappointed. Located at the south west corner of Bellwoods park, Nadège is a must visit when you're looking to treat yourself."

La Cubana

Cuban restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"La Cubana, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. La Cubana offers up delicious classic cuban dishes at an incredibly affordable rate. The interior is filled with bright pastels and hand lettered signage that will transport you straight to the streets of little Havana. Call ahead to book the back room if you have a large group or private party."

Type Books

Book store • Trinity Bellwoods

"Type Books, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Type has a great selection of contemporary fiction, small press, art, design, and children's’ books. They also frequently host events and launches for local authors and run a popular storytime program for preschoolers. If you walk into Type you'll often walk out with a book or magazine you thought you would never be able to find."

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Park • Trinity Bellwoods

"Trinity Bellwoods Park, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Bellwoods has definitely grown to be one of Toronto's most popular parks over the past decade. Home to the infamous white squirrel, the park is filled with art installations and huddles of friends enjoying the greenery in the summertime. Perfect for picnics or getting lost in a good book. Make sure you grab a coffee, find an empty patch of grass and settle in."

Town Moto

Motorcycle shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"Town Moto, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Town Moto is a motorcycle lifestyle and parts shop that has you covered for all things two wheels. They also run monthly meetups and tech nights in the community to help you keep your bike running smoothly. Each month the shop features a new bike in the front window."

White Squirrel Coffee Shop

Coffee shop • Niagara

"White Squirrel Coffee, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Located at the southern end of Trinity Bellwood's park this small little coffee shop is appropriately named after the albino squirrel that can be spotted from time to time in the park. If you prefer to not leave your dog or stroller outside then place your order from the convenient take-out window."

Lost & Found

Men's Clothes Shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"Lost & Found, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Lost & Found is packed with the latest and greatest in men's fashion and accessories. You'll always be greeted with a friendly smile and good conversation as you peruse the racks and shelves pondering if you have enough space on your credit card to justify yet another pair of shoes. Make your way to the back where you'll find the surf shop with all of the summer essentials."

Town Barber

Barber shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"Town Barber, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. If you're looking for cut and/or shave, look no further than Town Barber. When you walk in to the shop you're likely to be greeted by one, if not several friendly dogs before noticing that the baseball game is on. While you sit snug in one of the comfy retro barber chairs you'll likely learn a thing or two about motorcycles, music, and how to maintain that pesky cow-lick."


Clothing Shop • Trinity Bellwoods

"KOTN, Trinity Bellwoods by Anthony Menecola. Likely the softest garments you'll ever wear. Kotn believes that traceability—the knowledge of where a product came from, who made it, how, and when—shouldn’t be a luxury, but a standard. They work directly with every step of their supply chain, starting with the raw cotton. Think of it like farm-to-table, but for your clothes. If that wasn't enough, KOTN has also collected 1% from every sale, plus additional revenue from special projects, to reinvest into their farming communities to improve literacy rates and decrease instances of child labour and marriage. These proceeds have helped to fund five elementary schools in the Nile Delta and Faiyum."

Nonna's Place

Italian restaurant • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Nonna’s Place, Wallace Emerson by Underline Studio. Always friendly and welcoming. Nonna’s Place is a family-owned restaurant serving fresh homemade Italian sandwiches, pasta and more. Big portions and reasonable prices. The most popular menu is veal sandwich, but we highly recommend trying all other sandwiches as well (especially the eggplant sandwich!!). Don’t forget to add extra toppings. No washrooms."

1277 Bloor St W

Building • Old Toronto

"Through Being Cool (TBC), Wallace Emerson by Underline Studio. A perfect place for a vegan lunch, a latté and massive gourmet doughnuts. You can also grab homemade sauces, jams and pickles. Closed Mondays."

Cantanhede O Bairradino

Portuguese restaurant • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Cantanhede O Bairradino, Wallace Emerson by Underline Studio. This Portuguese restaurant is a go-to spot for a cheap and delicious lunch. Massive portions at affordable prices. Portuguese chicken (Churrasqueiras), sandwiches, potatoes, rice, white fish, etc… though they take debit, cash is much easier as it can be very busy at lunch. If you count calories, this isn’t the place for you. Closed Mondays."

Wallace Espresso

Coffee shop • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Wallace Espresso, Wallace Emerson by Underline Studio. The best espresso drinks in the area (maybe the city?). This pocket shop is super small but over-delivers with consistently tasty drinks, friendly service and a genuine neighbourhood vibe. Two stools inside and a few benches out front. Cash only."

224 Wallace Ave

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Trip Print Press, Wallace Emerson by Underline Studio. Amazingly curated collection of lead and wood producing custom contemporary and traditional letterpress printing. Hours are by appointment, but well worth the experience."

Paris Bakery

Bakery • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Paris Bakery, Wallace Emerson by Underline Studio. Just off Wallace Avenue, enter the streets of… Lisbon? Portuguese bakery with a French name. Try the natas or the seasonal pumpkin doughnut holes. Cash only."

Propeller Coffee

Coffee roasters • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Propeller Coffee, Wallace Emerson by Underline Studio. Hidden on a side-street between Lansdowne Station and a gelatin factory, this café/roastery offers a massive open space with long tables, polished concrete floors and lots of natural light. Food trucks usually park out front every Friday in the summer."

Cafe Neon

Cafe • Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

"Cafe Neon, Wallace Emerson by Underline Studio. Cafe with a great atmosphere — friendly staff, chill music and bright decor. They have an amazing breakfast sandwich, freshly baked muffins and croissants, and addictive rice krispie squares and brownies. They accept cash and credit cards. ATM machine inside."