California Sandwiches

Fast food restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"California Sandwiches, Little Italy by Sid Lee. A trip to Little Italy wouldn't be complete without a visit here. Many would argue that California Sandwiches is the geographical centre of Little Italy, but wouldn’t argue with it being the capital in spirit and stomach. Famous for their sandwich, it’s been voted, unequivocally, the BEST in Toronto. The first location opened here in 1967, and when you walk in little seems to have changed. Then you see a sandwich being prepared at the window seconds before it’s wrapped and given to you and you understand the magic and glory that surrounds this restaurant. 2 pieces of thinly cut and perfectly fried veal, steak, sausage, or eggplant on a fresh ciabatta bun. The Sweet Peppers, Rapini, and Provolone cheese are great adds, among others. They accommodate vegetarians too. It’s homemade sauce drips everywhere - you’re going to make a mess so just own it and revel in it. For $9.25 you get a whole lot of sandwich and you won’t be hungry for a while. (It’s also one of our hangover cures.)"