You Gotta Eat Here! - Ontario

 on 2021.10.13
17 Places
John Catucci is a funny man who takes his food seriously. He’s on a quest for Canada’s most delicious, mouthwatering, over-the-top comfort food. He’s visiting great joints, greasy spoons, and legendary restaurants to taste the food that made them famous and to meet the colourful characters that make them institutions. John dives into the kitchens to find out what makes these signature recipes so damn good. Health food? Not on this show, baby. Bring on the cheese, bacon and barbecue!


Restaurant • Old Toronto

"A neighbourhood restaurant that smokes everything in-house including the cheese, and serves up classic comfort food, like their signature deep-fried “poached” eggs with homemade hollandaise."

Bubi's Awesome Eats

Restaurant • Windsor

"They offer $1000 and a t-shirt to anyone that finishes their behemoth 8-pound burger and lives to tell the tale! Will John?"

D&S Southern Comfort Bbq

Caterer • Carlsbad Springs

"This place features The Determinator Burger: three homemade patties, back bacon, beef brisket, onion rings, cheese… oh and built with grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns. Think you can handle it? No-one else has!"

Chicago Style Pizza

Pizza restaurant • Hamilton

"John has himself a new favourite - a pizza stuffed into another pizza. Now that’s amore!"

Elgin Street Diner

Diner • Centretown

"Host John Catucci discovers the perfect cure for what ails you at Ottawa’s Elgin Street Diner. Open 24 hours, it’s famous for its chilli laden poutine and humongous Hangover Blue Plate Special. Here they sell over 700 lbs of fresh cut fries per week, 700!!"

Philadelphia Kitchen

Restaurant • Orangeville

"A Philly Cheese Steak sandwich never tasted so good with 10 different varieties to choose from. Drippy, ooey-gooey, sloppy steaks have John doubling up on the napkins!"

Del Piacere

Restaurant • Centretown West

"Did someone say “bobotie”? John tracks down this South African mince meat delicacy at Stoneface Dolly’s in Ottawa, ON, a little family-run joint."

Busters Barbeque

Barbecue restaurant • Machin

"Blueberries are the key to killer sauce."

"In Port Perry, ON at the legendary Haugen’s Chicken & Ribs, John samples their top secret dipping sauce. Some patrons have been known to drink it straight, will John?"

Reggie's Hot Grill

Hamburger restaurant • Peterborough

"John settles an argument between best friend owners while diving into Reggie’s Signature Burger, an all-beefer topped with a fried egg, a slice of mozzarella cheese and followed by a round piece of cheddar to give the cheesy illusion of a second egg. Garnish with crisp bacon and you have a meal worth arguing about!"

Stoney's Bread Company

Pizza restaurant • Oakville

"Host John Catucci lands at Stoney’s Bread Company in Oakville, ON where they serve up a massive open-faced, blackened salmon sandwich on home-made focaccia. To die for!"

Boomers Gourmet Fries

Fast food restaurant • Stratford

"Host John Catucci indulges in classic favourites with a twist - 12 delicious, mouth-watering poutine combinations at Boomers Gourmet Fries in Stratford, ON (check out the signature “poutini” – garnished with an olive)."

The Sweet Onion Bistro

Restaurant • London

"Host John Catucci indulges in classic favourites with a twist - over 40 gourmet burger selections at Relish Burgers in London, ON (including one heart-stopping option named after the local ER)."

The Harbour Diner

Diner • Hamilton

"Locals line up for juicy menu items such as a better-than-mom’s meatloaf and mash and a big and meaty, super cheesy, crab and lobster mac’n cheese."

Hoito Restaurant

Finnish restaurant • Thunder Bay

"John takes a bite out of history with paper thin Finnish-style pancakes served there for nearly a century."

Prince Albert's Diner

Diner • London

"A burger staple that offers bacon and peanut butter on a quarter pound of dripping goodness. When you see it, the only question is, smooth or crunchy?"

Uncle Betty's Diner

American restaurant • Lawrence Park South

"John Catucci dishes up non-traditional breakfast treats at a new Toronto, ON favourite, Uncle Betty’s Diner, where the eggs benny is served on freshly made, in-house doughnuts. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!"