The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder

Barbecue restaurant • Wychwood

The Affordable Classic Out of all of the burgers, I have currently tasted, I would have to say that if you want a beefed up classic burger like The Stockyard’s Beast Style (their version of the Big Mac), it’s the most affordable at $7.50 (for a single patty. A double patty is $14). Though Stockyards is known for its BBQ and buttermilk chicken, their burgers are equally on par with their selection of burgers. From the classic original to the one with bone marrow and blue cheese (!), the Stockyards cooks some mighty fine meat. Back to the Beast Style - I was impressed with the patty, overall. It was just well cooked. Add in some pickles, that secret sauce, carmelized onions and a classic American cheese slice ooozing off the patty and I’m sold. As much as I love the chicken here, I’ll be back to try another burger. Don’t forget the Stockyards has some fantastic drinks including their limeaid and their ice tea with ginger. If you have time on a nice day or there’s no space in their tiny establishment, head over to the Wychwood Barns park space. Make sure to come on a weekday if you can. The north location means you won't have to wait in line.