"El Borrego, Kensington by Noble Intent Studio. El Borrego is a bright orange beacon amid the multitude of greige storefronts that line El Cajon Boulevard. Literally translating to "the lamb", El Borrego's specialty is lamb barbacoa - lamb slow cooked over an open fire, which is traditionally a specialty of the Hidalgo region of Mexico. Owners Rosaria and Rodina have been in business at this location for 11 years and say they cook about 2,000 pounds of lamb each month. In addition to their many lamb-based menu items, El Borrego carries your usual Mexican favorites and serves breakfast all day.Rosaria shared with us how the opening of the new YMCA just next door has brought in new business. They're now offering fresh raw juices and detox smoothies - perfect post-workout drinks! They've also found success in the catering business for local events.As we finished our meal, Rodina opened the back door of the restaurant and ushered us into a weed-filled, but surprisingly large outdoor space. She shared her plans of an outdoor beer garden, somewhat of a hipster hangout - something the east side of The Boulevard desperately needs. She said their in-process plans show it could seat 80 people and they'll soon be working out permitting and any other red tape they might encounter. She hopes to have something to show by the end of 2016."