Bitondo Pizzeria

Pizza restaurant • Trinity Bellwoods

"Bitondo's Pizzeria, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Virtually unchanged since it opened over 50 years ago, Bitondo’s is one of the few remaining hallmarks of the original Little Italy. You will never find anything there that’s not fresh - its heavenly food comes out of the oven very frequently. (When you ask to order things they'll tell you to just ask for it when you walk in.) Honestly, we’re not even big on pepperoni but there’s just something magical about how they make their pies - a slice is $3.50 and will make you ponder why you even went to one of the pizzeria chains that litter College St. If you’re lucky, there’ll be a fresh batch of panzos (a more portable pizza folded in half) and your choice of sandwiches. $10 buys you a lot of food, a full stomach, and a warmed heart. Must eats: Pepperoni Pizza, Cheese Panzo, Meatball Sandwich with Hot Sauce and Sweet Peppers."