375 Queen St W

Waterfront Communities-The Island

"Little Nicky’s, Entertainment District by Jam3. Any time Little Nicky’s is brought up, one immediately thinks about two things: damn good coffee and homemade donuts that melt in your mouth. Located on Peter Street just south of Queen, Little Nicky’s is a step into the 1920’s with vintage art pieces decorating the walls, along with their teak furniture allowing you to feel at home. These baristas know their coffee, whether it be a simple latte or espresso shot, their knowledge of the beans and how coffee works with their specific milk shows the care and investment every person puts into an order. It’s always a question of how they got their name (and no, it’s not the movie); Little Nicky is the owner’s dog that they have pictured in the cafe. When the designer needs a jolt of energy, there’s no question that Little Nicky’s is our first stop."