Blood & Bandages Barbershop

Barber shop • Palmerston–Little Italy

"Blood & Bandages, Little Italy by Sid Lee. Pappy, Blood & Bandages’ resident mascot and Schnoodle, always gives you a warm welcome you when you walk in for your cut. A fixture on College St. for the past 9 years, Blood & Bandages has developed a reputation as being one of the best barbershops in Toronto. Every member of the staff is skilled, precise, and super friendly. The shop is decorated with a surprising combination of taxidermy, vintage photos and posters, and sports trophies and figurines that makes you feel like you went back 50 years - except that people still listen to Biggie. Motown, old-school rock, soul, or hip-hop are all likely to be playing, giving the place a chill vibe that you just want your barber to have. All the pomade and pastes they use are specially-made in-house, and are just as good, if not better, than most premium salon products. (Plus you get compliments on how good you smell when you use them.) Whether you’re visiting Toronto, or permanently live here, it’s worth a visit - even if it’s just for a touch up."