2632 National Ave

Building · Barrio Logan

"Gold Leaf Project / LWP Offices, Barrio Logan by Product Etc.. As with a lot of places included in this list, The Gold Leaf Project / LWP Offices are a relatively new addition to Barrio Logan. The premise behind the Gold Leaf Project is that artists currently showing also install and display artwork on the streets of San Diego / Tijuana framed by these Rococo style gold-leaf frames. The point is to literally take art out of the gallery, but still display it as such in the context of the streets.LWP is a real estate developer who’s a big patron of the arts, and who also initiated the Gold Leaf Project. They’re responsible for a host of terrific apartment buildings, restaurants, and even hotels. The Gold Leaf Project is connected to their offices and they’re an awesome group of people, so don’t be shy and say hello when you walk in!"